Monday, June 24, 2013

Moors for Tangiers

David O'Brien - Following on from my recent post regarding the Tangiers regiment here are the opposition, the Moors.  These have also been based for gaming using Clarence's Donnybrook rules and are a mixture of figures from various manufacturers, mostly Gripping Beast, Hinchliffe and The Assault Group.

By the period of fighting that I'm interested in 1680's, the Moors had been heavily influenced by Turkish fashion which is why many of the figures have been taken from The Assault Groups Turkish range and having had the pleasure of painting them I am now keen to do a generic Turkish force for actions around Vienna.

This gorgeous figure from TAG is my commander for the Moors, his pavilion is from the old Ian Weekly range.
These are a range of character figures each of which has abilities to aid your force in action.
You can have characters mounted or on foot as seen below.
All these figures come from Gripping Beasts El Cid range which although hundreds of years apart the happily fit into my period of interest as well.
These three figures represent and elite armoured cavalry unit armed with lances.
These six figures represent a drilled cavalry unit armed with lances.
All the cavalry figures are from Gripping Beast.
These 'veteran' warriors of many years experience represent a nine figure recruit cavalry unit armed with javelins. I also have the option of just using six figures and fielding them as a drilled unit. Aged figures by Hinchliffe.
These 12 lovely figures by TAG are a recruit infantry unit armed with bows but could just as easily have been armed with improvised weapons or spears.
This 8 figure spear armed unit represent drilled troops.
The Moors had also started adopting artillery by this period which is why they managed to make a fine mess of the fortifications around Tangiers. This beautiful little model and crew are from the extremely talented guys at TAG.

These photos represent a small selection of my Moorish faction and I can now choose from about 10 different units and these make for a colourful little force and I have fought some really interesting scenarios set around Tangiers.


  1. Lovely looking troops, sir. Very nice indeed.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks gents, it's a fascinating period and Barry and myself have just spent 7 hours taking masses of photos of our collections for more articles.

  3. Davis,
    Another round of beautiful figures! I'm especially curious how the Moorish artillery unit will play into the Donnybrook game. Will it have to be outfitted the same as the Army faction?

  4. Greg, I'm not quite sure I follow your question correctly but basically artillery is treated the same as other troops in that they are given a quality level which then determines which dice they use. That dice is then rolled to see how many hits it inflicts that move then that number of dice are then rolled to cause casualties. The main difference is in how the artillery piece can reload once the appropriate card comes up and this all depends how many crew remain. Hope this helps?

  5. David,
    I was curious as the artillery piece or option is was not available for the Moorish Faction. I like it anyways, and will probably field too.


  6. Actually the rules have been amended to allow any faction to take artillery (if you use the optional artillery rules). A mob faction might drag an old civil war gun out of storage or a pirate gang might bring a light gun ashore. Like everything in Donnybrook, we encourage you to create a narrative for your force!

  7. David,
    So, who makes that artillery crew and gun?

    Thank you.


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