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Reading List

This started as the bibliography for Barry's article and extends beyond the Glorious Revolution period but we are certain that the listed books will save interested gamers a huge amount of frustrating research time. Use the comments section below to add more!

  • Åberg & Göransson Karoliner. The Age of Charles XII – Only available in Swedish.

  • Barthorp, Michael. Marlborough’s Army 1702-11. Osprey Publishing (1994)

  • Chandler, David. The Art Of Warfare In The Age Of Marlborough. Da Capo Press (2001)
  • Chandler, David. Sedgemoor, 1685: From Monmouth’s Invasion to The Bloody Assizes. Spellmount Publishers Ltd (1999)
  • Chandler, David. Marlborough as a military commander. Batsford (1973)
  • Chandler, David. Atlas of Military Strategy 1618-1878. Arms & Armour Press
  • Chandler, David. Blenheim Preparation, The English Army on the March to the Danube. Spellmount (2004)
  • Childs, John. The British Army Of William III: 1689-1702. Manchester University Press (1990)
  • Childs, John. The Army Of James II And The Glorious Revolution. Manchester University Press(1980)
  • Childs, John. The Nine Years War And The British Army: 1688-97. Manchester University Press(1991)
  • Childs, John. The Williamite Wars In Ireland. Hambledon Continuum (2007)
  • Condray, P. The Portuguese Army During the War of Spanish Succession (1704-1715). Editions Brokaw(1992)

  • Dalton, Charles. The Scots Army 1661-1688. Greenhill Books (1989)
  • Deane, John Marshall. A Journal of Marlborough's Campaigns During the War of the Spanish Succession. Society Army Historical Research (1984)
  • Doherty, Richard. The Siege of Derry 1689. Spellmount (2008)

  • Ede-Borrett, S. The Army Of James II – Uniforms And Organisation. Partizan Press
  • Ellis, Peter Berresford. The Boyne Water. The Blackstaff Press (1976)
  • Englund, Peter. The Battle That Shook Europe: Poltava And The Birth Of The Russian Empire. IB Tauris & Co Ltd. (2002)

  • Falkner, James. Great And Glorious Days: The Duke Of Marlborough’s Battles 1704-09
  • Falkner, James. Ramillies-1706 The Year Of Miracles. Pen & Sword Books 2006
  • Francis, David. First Peninsular War, 1702-1713. St.Martin's (1975)
  • Funcken, L & F. The Lace Wars Volume 1
  • Funcken, L & F. The Lace Wars Volume 2

  • Gallster, Kjeld Hald. Danish Troops in the Williamite Army in Ireland, 1689-91. Four Courts Press (2012)
  • Garbett RN, Capt H. Irish Infantry Regiments In The Service Of France 1690-1791. Partizan Press
  • Grant, C. S. The Armies And Uniforms Of Marlborough’s Wars: Part One. Partizan Press
  • Grant, C. S. The Armies And Uniforms Of Marlborough’s Wars: Part Two. Partizan Press
  • Grant , C. S From Pike to Shot: Armies & Battles of Western Europe 1685-1720. Wargames Research Group
  • Green, D. Blenheim. Collins (1974)

  • Hoglund & Salnas. Great Northern War 1700-1721: Colours & Uniforms(1). Swedish
  • Hoglund & Salnas. Great Northern War 1700-1721: Colours & Uniforms(2). Russian
  • Hugill, J.A.C. No Peace Without Spain. Kensal Press (1991)

  • Kamen H. War of the Succession in Spain 1700-15. Weidenfeld(1969).
  • Kinross, John. The Boyne and Aughrim, The War of the Two Kings. Windrush Press (1997)
  • Konstam, Angus. Peter the Great’s Army (1)- Infantry. Osprey Publishing (1993)
  • Konstam, Angus. Peter the Great’s Army (2)- Cavalry. Osprey Publishing (1995)
  • Konstam, Angus. Poltava 1709-Russia Comes Of Age. Osprey Publishing (1994)
  • Kuhn, August. Ferenc Rakoczi II & his Kuruzzenarmee 1704-1711. Editions Brockaw (1990)

  • Lenihan, Padraig. 1690 -Battle Of The Boyne. Tempus Publishing (2003)
  • Leslie, NB. The Succession of Colonels of the British Army from 1660 to the present day. Society for Army Historical Research. Special Publication No11 (1974)
  • Lynn, John A. The French Wars: 1667-1714 The Sun King At War. Osprey Publishing (2002)

  • Moore, Anthony. The Army of Brandenburg Prussia 1685-1715. Gosling Press (1992)
  • McNally, Michael. Battle Of The Boyne 1690: The Irish Campaign For The English Crown. Osprey Publishing (2005)
  • McNally, Michael. The Battle of Aughrim. The History Press (2009)

  • Nosworthy, Brent. Anatomy Of Victory: Battle Tactics 1689-1763. Hippocrene Books Inc. (1990)

  • Reid, Stuart. Killiecrankie 1689: The First Jacobite Rising. Partizan Press
  • Reid, Stuart. The Last Scots Army 1661-1714. Partizan Press
  • Reid, Stuart. I Met the Devil & Dundee: The Battle of Killiecrankie 1689. Partizan Press

  • Sapherson, C. A. Armies Of Spain: 1701-1715. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. Forces Of The Swedish Crown 1688-1721. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. Marlburian Armies 1701-1721. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The British Army Of William III. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The Danish Army: 1699-1715. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The Dutch Army Of William III. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The French Cavalry 1688-1715. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The Imperial Cavalry 1691-1714. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. The Imperial Infantry 1691-1714. Partizan Press
  • Sapherson, C. A. William III At War 1689-1691. Partizan Press
  • Scott, Christopher. The Armies & Uniforms of the Monmouth Rebellion. Partizan Press (2008)
  • Sheane, Michael. The Great Siege, The Siege of Londonderry 1689. Stockwell (2002)
  • Stanford, I. Marlborough Goes to War: 1704. Pike & Shot Society (2001)

  • Tincey, John. Armies Of The Sedgemoor Campaign. Partizan Press
  • Tincey, John. Blenheim 1704 - The Duke Of Marlborough’s Masterpiece. Osprey Publishing (2004)
  • Tincey, John. The British Army 1660-1704. Osprey Publishing (1994)
  • Trevor , Meriol. The Shadow of a Crown: Life story of James II/VII. Constable (1988)


  1. Perhaps these two from Graham. Some excellent research on Newtownbutler in 1689, the actual location of the battlefield and the personalities involved.

  2. We have a very detailed look at this battle and a scenario for BLB coming up starting next week so your suggestions are very timely! I will certainly check these out...

  3. I'm about to embark on doing the battle myself with Maurice rules. Though I will certainly re-do it with BLB as soon as time permits. Both sets are amongst rules I'm wanting to try in the next few months.

    The Newtownbutler book has some translations of D'Avaux's writing of the time - a lot of good information on the battle, and the author suggests that Mountcashel did not have as many men at the battle as history has implied.

    The 'sieges' of Crom Castle are also detailed.

    The Hamilton book is strategic in scale but still goes into significant detail on Hamilton's presence during the skirmishes before Newtownbutler where he was ambushed, and during the day of the battle where his actions were not exactly glorious. Richard Hamilton at Londonderry and the other brothers are also covered in the book.

  4. I am not a historian but when researching the battle for an article which was published in an online mag I came across lots of anomalous info between the various extant sources. I have tried to unpick these and derive my own conclusions about the forces involved. A lot of my workings are educated guesswork but I would be interested to hear whether having read the book you find common ground or disagreement between my summary and the authors. I haven't read it.

  5. The Newtownbutler book does try to see through some of the primary source Enniskillen material which implies large Jacobite numbers. D'Avaux's records with regard to actual regimental returns in Dublin are compared with evidence suggesting that Mountcashel gathered large numbers of conscripts in Fermanagh on the way north. The Enniskillen estimate of 6000 effectives could either be artificially high or indeed, reflect the fact that the raw Jacobite reinforcements, if available, were poorly armed and very poorly trained - which of course could lend credence to the turn of events on the day from McCarthy's point of view. He compares numbers at the Crom Castle siege too. Very interesting build up to a pivotal (though short) battle.

    The Hamiltons book explains a lot more with regard to Anthony Hamilton's actions on the day. Same battle, though of course seen from a different viewpoint. Great primary source references in both books.

    The fact that D'Avaux's translated work is compared directly with the two main Enniskillen sources, is an eye opener.

  6. Additionally (perhaps more importantly), there are several small actions here. The ambush of Anthony Hamilton's forward elements at Lisnaskea in the morning, the seizing of the guns at Newtownbutler and actions at Crom Castle as well as Enniskillener actions in the preceding months at Cornegrade Castle, Ballyshannon and in the days before Mountcashel's arrival in Ulster. These would all make excellent scenarios for your Donnybrook skirmish rules. :)

  7. Can I add Child's Army of Charles II here? While not directly on the 1688-1700 timeframe, it does cover an interesting period and ends just before our period. Plus copies are available very cheaply on Amazon.

  8. A bit late, but a good read is: Skånska kriget 1675-1679: fanor och uniformer. / Scanian War 1675-1679: colours and uniforms.

    It is written by Lars-Eric Höglund and there seems to be one Swedish and one English version of this book, the translation being made by Daniel A.Schorr.

    No real idea where to buy it tough. (I borrowed it at the library.)

    A great deal of information about the Swedes. The colour of the uniform, if the unit wore hat or kapurs, the apperance of the standards or colours as well as information about their equipment.


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