Monday, August 19, 2013

Column - Right!

Barry Hilton - Although not strictly speaking to do with our chosen blog period I thought it might be useful to give some idea of where I am concentrating my writing efforts outside of the WordTwister context.

I will continue to contribute articles to Wargames Illustrated as per usual. These normally revolve around a specific request for something to fit with a theme the magazine is running or a free choice piece based on what the LoA is doing at the time. Other content of this type is likely to appear over the coming months in another mag and also in Charles Grant's Wargamers Annual 2013.

In addition I have agreed to write a bi monthly column for Wargames Illustrated where the content is more based along the lines of what I call 'commentary' pieces. In other words, where I get on my high horse and poke a gentle digit between the ribs of some aspect of the hobby. An example from the past was the piece  'Warning, this hobby may contain nuts'  or travelling far further back in time 'Who's that bloke in the pot helmet?'.

That very bloke in the pot helmet!

Curiously, it is for these types of article that I get the most feedback for which I am always extremely grateful (except for the death threats and notes describing mutilation and decapitation). As recently as Claymore on 3rd August someone mentioned the pot helmet piece which was written more than 10 years ago. That felt nice! So, more gentle mocking but some serious points in there if you look hard enough.

The column is running under the title of Fighting Talk. Dan Faulconbridge informs me imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but from the look on his face at the time I don't think he really meant it. The first piece has already run and dealt with the issue of how units should be classified for morale purposes in scenarios.

We are considering re issuing some of the much older articles here but at the moment we are hardly short of content with CH, DOB and myself running on overdrive and pieces in the pipe from at least four further guest bloggers.

Thanks for sticking with us, the blog is really getting some traction now.


  1. Perhaps your next article could be about personal bias in judging wargames displays? 8-)

  2. Oh dear! The cat is out of the bag then! Just for the record folks, Dave is not referring to my own personal behaviour but that of a mutual acquaintance.

    It certainly could be the basis of some sort of commentary piece but then again... the actions speak for themselves and maybe make a more general statement about quality from that quarter.

  3. Whatever you do write about Barry, PLEASE don't pump life into the current debate on standards of painting!


  4. Missed that! Where is it happening? Actually I did do a piece on that about 2 years ago... more death threats!

  5. LOL - I watched a video tutorial a few months ago that mentioned my style specifically (black undercoat and layered color) as 'kind of old fashioned'... I didn't know there was a debate.

  6. There was some discussion on TMP from Rick Priestly and others complaining about the high standard of painting on wargames figures, seems that they think we are putting too much into our hobby. There's no pleasing some people!

  7. Well it IS a broad church but I think criticising people for doing a good paint job is a bit Stalinist. We all should be equal, equally banal.

  8. I blame the figure designers, I feel that if they can research and sculpt all those lovely details on their figures then I feel obliged to paint it as well as I can. Plus I paint my figures to please me not to fit in with anyone else's point of view.


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