Thursday, August 8, 2013

Donnybrook Scenarios

David O'Brien - This photograph was taken during a photo session at Barry Hilton's a few months back and is the starting point for one of my Donnybrook scenarios, Saving the Slaves which I just fought a couple of weeks back, you can see a report of the game on my own blog, Dave's Toy Box.

The slaves waiting to be rescued, I bought these figures a few years ago
 and I think they are produced by Eureka Miniatures in Australia.

The second scenario we fought last week was Foraging for Food and again you can see more pics and a report on my blog.


  1. Nice work Dave... don't let the missus see them though ;O)


  2. Yup, I had to photograph these 'wargaming models'. Dave seems to have given a lot of love to painting the details! Working them into scenarios required all of his creativity. I bet you Mrs O'Brien has never even seen them!

  3. What surprises me the most is that Colin Jack doesn't actually have any of the ladies in his vast collection of naked ladies.


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