Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Blenheim Project - Getting Started

Ray King - I joined the Fighting Talk Forum in February 2008 and already had in mind a Marlburian project. After reading about the famous victory at Blenheim on the 13th August 1704, decided I would build a collection of all the British regiments at this battle.

With the help of Barry Hilton and many other forum members I built a general picture of the WSS period. Next came the decision of which figures to use, which resulted in me choosing Front Rank miniatures for a number of reasons. The main reason was because they covered all the troop types I would need. The other reasons were that they were practically flash free, good clear castings and with a number of poses and heads looking in different directions.

I next looked for a historic OOB (Order of Battle) for Blenheim and purchased Iain Stanford’s book Marlborough Goes To War which not only had a map of the battle and it’s key points, but also a detailed list of every regiment present, both for Allied forces and the French & Bavarian forces.

Diorama of the Battle of Blenheim in Höchstädt, Germany
Photograph by J. Williams. (July 16, 2006)
used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

For uniform and flag information, I purchased all eleven Robert Hall colour plates from the Pike & Shot Society, seven of which covered the infantry regiments and four of the Horse & Dragoon regiments. For the regiments not covered by the plates, I managed to get help from Iain Stanford.

The Battle of Blenheim 1704
Rebel Redcoat. (March 19, 2012)
used under the GNU Free Documentation License.

I also started a Blenheim OOB thread on the Fighting Talk Forum and bombarded Barry with question after question on everything from grenades and breeds of horses to regimental grades and so on...

Editor - Ray King is the first of what we hope will be many guest authors on the League of Augsburg blog. This was a useful look at how to go about building your collection. Part two of the series will start a series of pictorials that will depict every unit in the collection (so far) - it will will be an invaluable resource for those wishing to paint any of the British regiments from the Marlborough led campaign!

As Ray mentioned the the Fighting Talk Forum, I wanted to point out that it is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in wargaming the period. Besides lots of people who have been gaming in the period for years (decades in some case... yikes) there are published authors and historians who visit from time to time. It is likely that if you ask a question someone there will know the answer!

For a quick way to see all of Ray's collection, type 'Blenheim' in the search bar at the top of the page!


  1. great to see the first of our guests getting something up on the blog. There are several others with good articles primed and waiting to go so this idea is already up and running.
    Ray's thread Blenheim OOB is perhaps the longest running live thread on Fighting Talk and reads like a history of the LoA site as well as a valuable guide to the battle.

  2. Talk about a a large scale project! I certainly wish you all the best in this endeavor.

    Do have in mind what sort of scale you will be looking at?


    1. Hi Darrel,

      These days my eyesight isn't as good as it once was, so it had to be 28mm figures in battalions of 18 figures for infantry, 6 figure squadrons for Horse & Dragoons regiments and 1 gun model represents 3 real guns.
      I'm doing the entire left wing of the allies @ Blenheim in 1704, 20 battalions of infantry = 360 figures, supported by 10 squadrons of Horse & 7 squadrons of Dragoons = 102 figures and 4 gun model's.

  3. I was most honoured to be asked by Clarence to write this article for "The League of Augsburg" blog.
    I have a list of people to thank as log as my arm, but the main person has to be Barry Hilton, who has been a inspiration to me along my journey with the LOA forum.
    I can highly recommend anyone who has the slightest interest in the period 1660 to 1721 to join the said forum.
    Many other periods in history are covered on the forum and any questions put forward are usually answered fairly quickly.
    Many thanks for this opportunity to write something on my wargaming interest.




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