Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Battle of Aughrim 1691

Aughrim 1691, Williamites on the left Jacobites on the right

This is the game that the League of Augsburg put on at Claymore, the annual show of the South East Scotland Wargames club on Saturday 3rd August. All the figures are from Warfare Miniatures painted by Barry, Bob, Gerry and myself, terrain by Barry and buildings and graveyard by me. The game represents the central portion of the battlefield.

Williamite Left Flank

Williamite Centre

Williamite Right Flank

Jacobite Centre

Jacobite Right Flank

The next outing by the League of Augsburg will be at Partizan II, at Kelham Hall near Newark, Nottinghamshire on Sunday 1st September so pop along and see us there for a chat.


  1. Yes, great day out. We were a little surprised not even to get a mention for our efforts from the judges but then again, the standard of games at the show was so high :) or maybe it was the standard of the judging.
    No matter, getting gamers connected with the period was our primary aim and we were very satisfied with how that worked out.

  2. We were so busy talking with interested gamers that we didn't even see any judges come anywhere near our display but it was great to talk to so many people who were enthusiastic about the period, especially the guys from the Wild Geese Wargames Club who came across from Dublin for the show.

  3. Greate looking game !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. It's such a colourful period that it's difficult for games not to look good.

  5. I still can't believe that I didn't manage my time at Claymore better as I missed a lot of great games and this was surely one of them!


  6. Looks an excellent game chaps!!!


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