Thursday, September 12, 2013

100 Followers Lottery

Clarence Harrison - We're not there yet, but in honor of reaching 100 followers my lovely wife will throw percentile dice to generate a number from 1-100. I will count through the followers list as it appears here on the site and the lucky winner gets a very rare (I don't think Barry even has one) first edition copy of Beneath the Lily Banners!

This is the first book Barry and I worked on together. Even if you have the second edition this is a great addition. if only for all of the photos. If you haven't signed up do it now... there's no prize until we reach 100!


  1. This will make a great prize for the lucky recipient.

  2. Everyone's chances are better than they thought. If my number comes up, please roll again . . . because not only do I already have a first edition copy of BLB, but mine is signed by Barry!

    -- Jeff

  3. Barry, Dave, and I are all followers as well and will be ineligible. I'll contact the winner before announcing the result and anyone else who feels the same way may certainly elect to pass the prize on (or accept it and give it to another player in their circle).

  4. Wow... we hit 100 while I was posting the last comment at 7:42am EST so the first contest is closed and will count from there.

    However. Don't let that stop you from signing up! We will have more giveaways in the future for LoA followers...

  5. Of course I don't want it if my name came up it can go back in the hat! I do have a rather dog eared copy on my shelf, the last one actually!
    I didn't sign it for myself :)

  6. I've sent a note to the winner... If he declines or doesn't respond within 48hrs, we'll throw the dice again.

  7. Congradulations to Chris Kendrick of Australia (Conrad Hawkwind) who won the book.


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