Thursday, September 5, 2013

Swedish Flags for Poltava

The Swedish flags for the GNW are finally ready and should be available from the LoA shop soon.

This release provides all of the foot units that were present at Poltava. The last sheet is actually variations for Skaraborg, Uppland, and Kalmar based on descriptions given by the Russians at Poltava - there are official government versions for these units scattered through the other sheets for those who want the earlier flags. Again, thanks to Örjan Martinsson (Tacitus of the Fighting Talk forum) for all of his help sorting through these.


  1. Greate looking banners!

    I ofcourse like the darlecarlian one the best;)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Great looking flags Clarence, probably your best to date.

  3. What a great and comprehensive work you and Örjan have done. The flags will no doubt set a whole new standard for GNW wargaming along with the figs to come. Can't wait!

  4. They look great. Can't wait for some figures to carry them!

  5. The flags will be in the shop Sunday night when I get back from Croatia. Dannie, we'll have something to show you on the figures front very soon.
    Clibinarium is working on sculpts now... they hold flags! :)

  6. Oh and by the way... I meant to say of course... Great job Clarence. I have just had a long discussion with my counterpart in Sweden who was an officer in the Swedish infantry. Now realising we have a mutual interest he is keen to help us with some aspects of period history as he has some old books he thinks may be of value.. will keep you all posted

  7. These are superb guys. How long till we can get cavalry standards do you think?

    1. Actually in a few days... I am sort out the final details today...

  8. Hopefully everyone interested will get to see these on the project which I have been working on for the last month. I have completed 8 squadrons of GNW Swedish cavalry who eagerly await their standards in order to ride into battle!

  9. Great news as I've just finished my Livdragonregemete :)


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