Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Le Roi Soleil at Millenniumcon!

Bob Miller - Le Roi Soleil will be attending Millenniumcon in Round Rock, Texas over November 8 through 10.  We will be bringing the entire line of Warfare Miniatures figures together with the rulebooks "Beneath the Lilly Banners" and "Republic to Empire."  We still have a limited supply of  LoA markers.  We may have some surprises.  If you want shirts or to ensure that we have what you want, please email us by October 10 so that we can order it in time.

Unfortunately, LRS does not presently accept credit cards; therefore, sales will be by cash or pre-order. If you pre-order to pick up at the convention, we will refund your postage but will have to charge sales tax.

We also plan to run a BLB game with a Sportmanship Prize to be awarded to the player exhibiting the best sportmanship as determined by his peers.

We look forward to seeing you there to game, buy or just chat.


  1. This is a great addition to the American War-gaming arena, at least in this period. It's nice to get good quality overseas miniatures at American shipping rates! Bob is a great person to work with and will take of your gaming need. Thanks for the great service Bob!!!

  2. Great to see Bob getting 'out on the road'! I know the logistics involved with such an endeavour in the US are far more onerous than on our island but being evangelical about the period is the only way it will grow. Warfare sales in the US have been very healthy over the first 2 years of existence (perhaps as much as 25% of total). I am trying to find ways to be at Historicon next year with Bob and Clarence. Putting a little heat under Warfare at the conventions will I think stimulate more interest.


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