Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Warfare Miniatures at Crisis 2013

Barry Hilton - I will be trading as WARFARE MINIATURES at the show and demoing a game for Donnybrook based around the Bokkenrijders.. just to add a little bit of local colour 8) 

Anyone going to the show who pre-orders books, figures, shirts or flags with us before the show will get a 10% discount and can pick up on the day!


  1. The trade stand is travelling fairly light so we won't have all the racking etc. We WILL however have the complete range with us in blister packs including some of the siege equipment, Gardes Francaises battalion packs, LoA and BLB Polo shirts, books and flags. Thanks for the pre orders already folks!

  2. Barry, I'm interested in buying a Donnybrook book. Do I need to go to your website, or is it possible to preorder through this blog?

  3. Wim, unfortunately Donnybrook will not be out by next week. Apologies for that. It will be out before Christmas though! :)

    1. No problem. I'll come by to take a look at your demo game.
      See you in Antwerp!


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