Thursday, November 21, 2013


Barry Hilton - This post details two other preliminary Swedish sculpts for the GNW project. This is a privately funded range which will be comprehensive and less conventional than the norm. The 5 Swedish sculpts featured on this post and part 1 were preliminary works which will become commercially available.

Warfare customers who order in the run up to Christmas may find some have crept into their parcels!

#4 Marching Musketeer

It is our intention to pose the Swedes in 'classic' view positions. This marching figure will do equally well for a unit on the march or advancing to combat.
The red contrasts nicely with the muted blue I have used here. Again the detail achieved on pouches and weaponry is exceptional.
There is an energy about these models which really conveys the sculptors love of the subject matter and his mastery of his art. Wonderful feel to this model I think.

And finally..
The Warfare GNW range will feature winter/ campaign dress for both Russians and Swedes. This veteran knows how to protect himself from the cold northern winds.
The angle of this shot really tells the story of the figure. His body position is extremely realistic.
I very much enjoyed doing all 5 models which were completed in one sitting of about 7 hours. The Russians will follow next.


  1. Great work! I love the sergent...

  2. Really love the "Carolus Insigna" on the cartridge pouch. Figures with this level of detail will be a joy to paint!

  3. Truly stunning work! Seems like i have to get me a swedish GNW armt after all.

    Looking forward to the future of this range.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Oh man! I like the sergeant in winter dress...good show! Very nice looking figures so far, very excited Barry. Looking forward to next installments.

  5. Oooops...forgot about the detail on the guy marching...yes the detail on pouch is awesome!

  6. In terms of paint jobs, I think the Russians look even better but you chaps can be the judge of that!


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