Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Swedish Wedgie! Warfare Miniatures Pre-production GNW Swedish Cavalry

A while back we cast up some test Swedish cavalry which have been seen on the show circuit but only as samples on the Warfare Miniatures stand. The reaction to the models was very good.

When I decided to include a piece of GNW action in our October Derby Weekender I did a freshen up of my existing Swedish Army and decided to complete the half squadron of Warfare Swedes and give them a 'run out' against Gunter's Saxon horde. Here are some pictures I took of the squadron who will receive their battle debut on Saturday morning 12th October 2013 under the command of..........?

I have used my new basing configuration of 75mm wide by 80mm deep. Why? Easy answer.. I like it! It allows the models to breathe and be seen. It protects the precious paint work. It allows stories to be told on the base (more of that in a series of articles to come on the blog). It makes cavalry appear to be moving. Hopefully you will recognize the attempt to create the wedge formation with the squadron as based.

The officer is from Warfare code WLOA48 and makes an appropriate Swede. I intend to complete another two squadrons from test castings. If there was demand for this trooper model I may put it into production but for the moment the unit is somewhat unique.

Let's see how it fights!


  1. Stunning woek !

    Like them very much !

    Best regards Michael

  2. Wedgie gratefully delivered! 8^)

    I really like the sense of movement that your cavalry figures have, something that seems to be the sole trademark of Warfare Miniatures. I would buy Swedish cavalry now if you put them into production, just for the sheer enjoyment of painting them ( and getting a head start on my new Swedish army, of course).


  3. Beautiful unit capturing the élan of the Swedish shock tactics.
    Count me in for a pre-order if you make these available!

  4. Thi cavalry is really fabulous!

  5. These models are now being production moulded. They will be available late December early January. I will sell them as unit packs only with appropriate officer models in a 'cavalry deal'

  6. With my re-basing project, it would be easier to reflect the "wedge" formation - figures look awesome!

  7. They are a really very nice: I was lookng for good russian and swedish figures for long and I am delighted =)

  8. These are now commercially available here


  9. Incidentally.. I never explained the use of the word 'wedgie' as opposed to wedge. In the West of Scotland a 'wedgie' is where you sneak up on someone from behind, grab the top of their underwear if poking over the top of the trousers and give a sharp tug upwards thus creating some 'tightness and discomfort in the nether regions'. Indelicate I know but we Scots are both childish and cruel. I can;t believe i just typed that! :)

    1. Actually the same thing in America... apparently something we imported from the Old Country?

  10. Aaah... we import McDonalds from you and you carry on the wedgie legacy... fair exchange!


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