Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Glorious Obsession Part 2; The War diaries of my toy soldiers 1990 -

Barry Hilton - Here we go! Finally, a look at the service records of my Grand Alliance Collection since it began in 1991. This first shot shows a typical  page

This particular entry is in the record of the Danish battalion Prinds Jorgen which is also known as Prinds Georg. Parts of three different  Glorious Revolution scenario entries can be seen. The orange highlighted paragraph details an 'afterward to Prince Willem's failure to force an English capitulation resulting in a withdrawal back to Holland. The blue highlighted paragraph details some related facts pertaining to the repatriation of Danish prisoners of war. The skull symbol signifies that the battalion surrendered at the Broadlands action. The small entry in between is from a solo game in which a Danish Brigade was bested by English dragoons.

The double page shot above is also from the records of Prinds Jorgen. They do seem to have been a unit with mixed fortunes. In this selection of actions they have routed twice, retreated once, surrendered once, performed well once and received a distinction at the Battle of Ramillies! In the Ramillies entry they seem to have most unusually, captured an enemy cavalry standard. This was I think, the only instance of Foot taking a cavalry banner in all of my battles and entries. I believe the enemy unit was shot to pieces and wiped out in front of the Danes who advanced, picking up the fallen trophy as they went.

The final shot is an extract from the records of the Brunswick unit Prince Wilhelm August. On this page they have taken a Jacobite colour in Scotland during an action against Claverhouse and his Irish allies.

They have also lost their colours when they surrendered in a Glorious Revolution encounter at Senlac Hill which was I recall based on the Battle of Hastings.

In the final part of this tell all tale I'll how details from the volume covering my British regiments.


  1. Interesting, there are more comments in your papers than I expected. For me, I just list the battle I played and then the regiments/battalions and what their losses were, if they lost their colors, that sort of thing.
    Bet that book - sizeable by now - is a lot of fun to read and remember the games as you do so.

    Thanks for showing it to us!

  2. I seemed to have had a lot to say(to myself!). I enjoyed the games so much and was so immersed in the period that the narrative reflected the experience. Nothing was made up but rather the action, die throws, player reactions and banter were transformed into the narrative.

  3. Followed the links and got hooked. ;) Where is this service record page from? Did you make it or can it still be purchased?


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