Friday, December 20, 2013

I wanna tell you a story.. Tales with toy soldiers - FIGURE GROUPINGS

Determination in the face of the enemy

Barry Hilton - Personal preference I'll grant you, but I find lines of toy soldiers in the same pose, painted the same, spaced evenly and based unimaginatively as a bit of a lost opportunity. Basing is a very personal aspect of the hobby. Sometimes but less and less so, it is dictated by the restrictions of rules. That is perhaps which basing is such an unimportant aspect of all rules sets I have written. I want the models to look great on the table and I believe their is a strong argument to say that in some respects how a unit is based will have more impact than how the models themselves are painted.

Advancing with purpose

Form a distance of two metres it may well be the base you see first. You will be doing well if you can distinguish the colour of a figures en masse at about two metres.

Fatalistic Veterans who know what s in store
I try and group figures in clusters that imply something is happening. Determination, hesitancy, fear, hopelessness, conspiracy, companionship, pride, distain. I think this has limitations but it is surprising what can actually be achieved with some thought.

"Hear me men! Today we will carry all before us"

In this blog post I have included several interesting clusters of models which I hope to your eyes are coherent an at the same time suggestive of something happening.

"Pikes Forward!"



  1. Indeed the basing are a realy important part of how you present the minis on the gaming table. I totaly agree in you basing philosophy. Thnaks for a good blog post,

    Best regards Michael

  2. Yes Barry, I understand your point and I am guilty as charged!
    My units, that from another timeline, are dressed up for parade and not for battle as if I had known it that they will never see a battle field. But I think, with your help, the GNW Saxons live up to your style of fullfilling a purpose. Cannon fodder for the Swedish Lions!

  3. A very good point Barry, and something that has become much easier to actually carry into the units, as recent years has seen more diverse/animated sculpting of figures into the same SKU package. I still remember the stale feeling of painting 8x1 pose from the same package of figures, which was the norm say 15 years ago...

  4. Inspirational stuff Barry!! Love the animation in the stands, each one does indeed tell its own little story.

  5. Excellent, from the bases to the flags...paintjob is amazing!

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