Friday, January 10, 2014


Donnybrook has finally gone up for pre order today. Shipping should be before 31 January. The following text appears with the special offer price (£24.50) in the shop.

Donnybrook is a fast and fun skirmish game which is easy to pick up and full of period flavour. The book is 110 pages of rich colour with 186 beautiful photographs, maps, original artwork, seven scenarios, example game in comic strip format, period primer for numerous conflicts, faction guides/force builder, points system and comes with a satin finish full colour A4 QRS. In is soft cover and perfect bound. The book also contains a force roster sheet template.

The book will revert to its normal price of £27.00 ex postage when it goes on general release at the end of January 2014 so this is a chance to be first in the queue and get a discount too!

The book will not be available at shows until February earliest. Trade orders will go out after the pre orders.

Those placing advanced orders with Le Roi Soliel will receive the books when Bob gets his delivery which will be as soon as we can ship 'em!


  1. Ordered, can't wait!

  2. Quite excited for this! When can those of us in the States place advance orders with LRS?

  3. I will be shipping stock to Bob at LRS when I receive it from the printer. I guess emailing Bob to reserve a copy is the way to go Andrew. Hope this helps.

  4. I'll do just that! Thanks a lot, Barry! Looking forward to the new set!

  5. Have my copy on pre-order. The group here in Tucson, is pretty excited to get rolling with some skirmish action.

  6. I am working on Scenarios for King Philip's War. How well do the rules work for 4-6 players at a time?

  7. We have run three and four players and that works fine... Don't think anyone has tried six, though.


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