Monday, January 13, 2014

Quindia Studios GNW Flags and Warfare Miniatures on the table

The trophy captured by the Russians from Ostergotland

Barry Hilton - Finally, after four weeks on the road I got home and had a chance to finish something which I simply ran out of road to achieve in mid November. Having crossed oodles of stuff off my 'to do' list, cut out the flags and charged up my camera I was foiled at the last minute by finding out the Prit Stick my wife had bought to complete the job was still travelling around in her handbag whilst I needed it before catching a flight to the Middle East.Like Dick Dastardly, foiled at the last minute by that pesky bird! (don't tell Gwen I called her that...YOU listening Dave? you Grass!)

The Russian trophy from Skaraborg at Poltava

Stoically I ventured forth quietly cursing Mrs H for such a glaring oversight! Doesn't she know by now how important toy soldiers are?????
Russian Mid Blue Standard

Suffice it to say, the job has now begun and here you can see some examples combining Quindia Studios Great Northern War flags with some of the new Great Northern War figures from Warfare Miniatures. I plan, over the Christmas break to set up a few more combos and figures in order to create a feel for where the GNW range is going.

Russian Dark Blue standard

These shots are a useful introduction and will be followed with others soon.

Hope you like them!

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  1. The colors on those flags look really sharp in detail and color. Something that I will buy once completed with my James II army.


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