Tuesday, January 14, 2014


To kick start the year Warfare Miniatures are offering a free mounted figure with orders to the value of £50.00 or over (figures only and ex postage). The figure is a senior officer in dashing pose. He will never be commercially released as part of the range and will only be available through occasional special offers.

More pics available here!

After January he will be available through February with orders to the value of £75.00 or over (figures only and ex postage).

In addition, during January and February orders over £75.00 will also receive a free GNW sculpt from the 10 protos shown below. We are as yet undecided how many of these 10 will make it to full production so this may be a chance to get your hands on something very unique!

More news on the GNW range very soon. We now have a very large number of dollies completed. This means production is on schedule and the first codes will be available in Q1 2014.

Happy New Year from Warfare!


  1. Barry,
    please read your postings more carefully:-)
    You have made a deal with Blizzard to sell...Protos? :-)))
    Oh, and which 10 GNW sculpts are shown below?

    Joke time over!

    Back to business...lets see if my scotish painter can order a few minis so I get a dashing officer.


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