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The Ride to York - Donnybrook Hits the Streets; February 2nd, 2014

Why my wife wants a divorce
Barry Hilton - It was stupid planning.. I admit it. I had arrived back from working in the Middle East at 1930 hours on 31st and by 1500 on the 1st I was heading on a 200 mile journey south to run an all day Donnybrook demo at Vapnartak in York. Bob has a word for that. Luckily, Bob and Gerry were in the car to keep me awake with their low quality humour. We got to our hotel about 7pm and spent a quiet evening examining the bottoms of glasses (frequently) for cracks.

The Jungles of Vapnartak
We were unloading at the Knavesmire for 0830 on the 2nd. This is wargaming rock n'roll. Not quiet Lynyrd Skynyrd's One more from the road but good enough for us. Vapnartak was Donnybrook's public D-Day. The first couple of hundred trade orders were being delivered and the book was available for the first time at a convention.

Bob's Bane.. Gerry can resist a smirk as Max rolls yet another 6
To promo the launch we decided to run an expanded version of Diel'ry in the Gloamin' which is the example scenario from the book set in Darien in 1699. The terrain is dense and jungly and the scenery dramatic. Bob was to be the Scots Colonists and Gerry the natives and Spanish. They were trying to rescue/murder the comely Moira respectively.

God's own country: Yorkshire sunlight illuminates Panama
They managed to run the game twice during the day whilst I scuttled about delivering books, talking with our casters, setting up new trade deals and catching up with commitments to WI and divers other hobby contacts.

Donnybrook and the game seemed to make a splash for all the right reasons. Young Max Dudley forsook his father's Musket & Tomahawk's game next door to destroy Toggy Bob (who was unable to bring himself to shout at a 7 year old despite looking as if he wanted too on several occasions) whilst Gerry stood about laughing.. frequently.
Jesuit stronghold unsullied by the Presbyterian settlers
The day went very fast, we talked to the wargaming public a lot, we met many of our friends and by 1945 I was standing in my living room once more very ready for a cuppa and a sit down.

Donnybrook has arrived and sales proved to be brisk!

Clarence Harrison - We want to thank everyone so far for supporting Donnybrook. If you come up with questions, please don't hesitate to drop by the Fighting Talk forum. We'd also love to hear about your games, characters, and scenarios!


  1. A '2100' mile journey south? Not quite sure where 2,100 miles north of York is, but it's WAY beyond EK!!! :)

    1. Thought the same... Guess there is a "0" too many! ;-)

      Anyway, hope you are really happy with the reception of the game!

      One question… this is the table used by Victrix a couple of years ago and used in the R2E rulebook with jungle added right?

  2. Call it finger fatigue :)..rectified

    Yes it was the table I made for Victrix but with a lot of jungle added! well spotted

  3. Oh forgot to say... yes , really happy with game reception! We were VERY busy all day and many people recognizing the universality of Donnybrook mechanisms for other periods... great potential.

  4. Very nice looking game !

    Good to heare that Donnybrook was well reception, we had our 3rd game last mondya, went realy well. I must admit that I to have thought to alter the rules to other periods of history, Clarence have been most helpfull, thanks !

    Best regards Michael

  5. Should add that we added five turns to the scenario length as the table was bigger, although that didn't seem to help Toggy much........ Max's natives were well hard.....don't think he failed a morale roll the whole game........and the comely Moira was offering to chuck herself off the cliff by turn 10 having seen Toggy's inept dice throwing and card turning!!!!!:-)
    As Barry said there was nothing else left for me to do sit there sniggering..............which I did a lot!!!! :-))

  6. Kids seem to be Bob's bogey players, he got thrashed twice by two young brothers at the Forfar show. His dice rolling was pants then as well. 8-)

  7. We are going to take this game to the Dumfries show in March too. Maybe Max will travel up from Ilkley to haunt Toggy once more... that would be nice. Toggy would enjoy that.


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