Monday, March 17, 2014

WARFARE MINIATURES - The collection of Steve Shann

Steve Shann has been a real patron of Warfare Miniatures right from the start and helped the range get established by buying in quantity.. thanks Steve!

Having seen some of his work in photographs on his own blog (Nations in Arms) I asked Steve if he would bring along his magnificent collection for a bit of a 'lend' at Partizan 1, Newark in May 2013. He very kindly agreed and what a treat we experienced.

Steve had done hordes of painting in his very attractive and distinctive style and all of his work made it on to a groaning table to be drooled over by the crowds.

The game we played was not a specific re-fight but rather and 'in the style of' Fleurus 1690 effort. I make no apology for training the lens on the end of the table dominated by enormous quantities of cavalry which was entirely composed of Warfare Miniatures models (and, mostly from Steve himself).

Feast you eyes on these lovely units en masse and in close up. Steve has been very creative in his unit construction and also managed to complete units from a wide variety of nationalities.

I hope at some point to see this collection on the table once more and actually game with it and its owner but for now, enjoy the work of Steve Shann. We'll feature more shots of the collection in a later post.


  1. Well, they're lovely.

    Show's he's into his cavalry units too.

    I'm really glad that Warfare Miniatures has taken off in the way it has. I still think of Spence every time I see the mini's and it makes me smile to see just how successful, expeditious and varies a range that has been produced with a lot of effort to all involved.


  2. Is that the Gilder-esque oils-wipe approach to painting horse flesh I see :-)

  3. I love the animation of the Warfare cavalry, especially in the horses. What a beautiful collection. Are the cavalry flags from Warfare as well?

  4. No the French flags are not from Warfare (yet!). I can't remember where Steve told me he got these. This collection is very impressive and all painted ni a relatively short space of time.. a few months to my recollection.

  5. He has put on his Figures some superb brushwork and this makes it a real impressive collection.
    If this Army has realy been raised in a few month he did a real Masterpiece.
    Well Done!

  6. Great looking figures. I especially like the Bavarian Cuirassier unit. Good Show!


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