Monday, April 21, 2014

Tales from Sverige Part 5: Equipment 1670s - GNW

Cavalry buff coat and front plate cuirass 1660-70s
This blog post is fairly self explanatory. I am going to limit the text and you can look at the pictures.
saddle and pistol holsters
1690s period collarless coat, French copied pocket pattern
I took so many pictures during the various museum visits that inclusion would have made this post unacceptably long. If members are interested in other pictures I have you can let me know through the usual channels.
Infantry drum
Infantry flag labelled as Ostergotland 
The infantry cape in the picture above is interesting. It may be an officer's cape as it has decorative clasps of bronze or brass.



  1. Very nice pictures Barry !

    I´m impressed by the quality of them, remembering you just using your iphone, didn´t expect them to turn out so good.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Well I certainly got a lot out of my trip to Stockholm Michael!

  3. Excellent museum that Arme Museum! I visited it on March and I have vety similar pics. After the visit I was thinking: miniature producers should contact them to build an even better diodramas for them!


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