Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Gardes Francaises

Having failed to paint more than eight figures for the famous Gardes Francaises in nearly eight months I changed tack to paint a further 19 in a week.

The short term incentive was to have a battalion ready to display at SALUTE 2014 whilst the medium term objective was to prepare the centrepiece for a Neerwinden game we are taking out on the show circuit in May.

I wanted the unit to look powerful and large and chose to add extra models to each base. The three musketeer stands all have 7 models whilst the pike stand had 6 models.

I used a pikeman as an additional sergeant on one of the musketeer stands. Very unusually for me I used 30mm x 30mm standards for these shots. The reason was simple.

For the gallery shots in the Warfare shop I didn't want the standards to overpower the individual command models(WLOA154). Having prepared the smaller standards it was an nice experiment to shoot the unit with the smaller sized standards.

I intend to replace the smaller sized standards with my usual 50 x 50mm style after SALUTE.

The Gardes had six battalions and were the finest infantry in Louis XIV's massive army. They fought in many major battles.

One of their 'moments' was the crucial breakthrough at the Battle of Neerwinden in 1693 when four battalions together with three of the Gardes Suisses smashed through the battered Allied defensive line.

The Gardes are shock troops and every French Army should have some!  


  1. Looking great Barry!
    Just a pity I won't see them at Carronade on Saturday but looking forward to seeing them at Partizan.

  2. That is some very nice painting and basing Barry. Really makes for an impressive unit, and a natural center piece of the French battle line! Hope they'll be off to a good start in their coming game, maybe with a little help from the Gardes Suisses...

  3. These are fantastic! I'm glad I shall be able to see them at Carronade, where I fully intend to buy some.

  4. The painting job and the the miniatures are very impressive indeed, BUT the blue is not the good one for them at the time of louis XIV. It should be lighter (cobalt blue lightly enlighted); As it is the blue is the color for the Louis XV army (at Fontenoy for exemple).
    The blue of the regimental flag is too light.

    This is the first batallion since it have the white flag. The 3 others batallions should have two blue flags. (The regiment had 4 battalions on campaign which were brigaded with 2 batallions of the Swiss Guards). They were very, very good at this time. There decline (Gardes Fançaises not Swiss Guards which were very good to the very end in 1793) began at Malplaquet in 1709.

  5. Thanks for your critique. I was not interested in accuracy of blue.. I like the shade used, a personal preference. Uniform colours are very subjective and would be difficult to fix accurately from vegetable dyes or similar. Battle flags would not stay one colour in the sun either so I don't you should lose too much sleep of my choices.

  6. A tremendous looking regiment and I rather like the lighter blue regimental colour.


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