Monday, July 28, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Command charging in tricorne

This code is the most dynamic so far. The sculpts are in my opinion right at the apex of  wargaming figure design. The pack consists of a senior officer, an ensign, a junior officer, a sergeant and a drummer. This is the standard mix in Warfare Miniatures command packs.

The Sergeant has the look of a real veteran about him. Calling to has men and perhaps encouraging or chiding them. He is open handed and I have chosen to equip him with a traditional sergeant's pole arm.

The Drummer is a gem. Carrying his huge drum and trying desperately to hang on to his hat he is running to keep pace with his charging battalion. His coat is decorated with lace and his drumsticks are grasped in his left hand.

The junior officer is youthful and energetic. He is an obvious candidate for a battalion colour.

The Ensign appears older and more experienced. He strides out, colonel's colour held aloft and shouting for both God and King Karl.

The senior officer, wig flying in the wind races forward at the head of his battalion waving his tricorne and bawling encouragement to the men Ga Pa!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Pikemen charging in tricorne

I love this code! This is the default uniform of Swedish troops of the period. Tricorned, hair-bagged with the addition of the calfskin campaign haversack. The movement that Clibinarium has managed to inject into these models is quite remarkable.

Four dollies were used to create the dynamic poses available. All pikemen have gauntlets. The uniform colours I used to paint these models are as close to the 'standard' expected for Swedes that I am likely to get.

The yellow is quite vivid with the final highlight a very pale German Camo Yellow. The blue has a Night Blue + Black base and after highlighting was washed down in a blue-black mix with water.

Having taken individual shots of the models I then based them together in a three deep configuration with which intend to build up some larger sized units using a roughly 1:10 model to man ratio.

The models will be available in July 2014 together with around another seven code packs from the 23 pack Swedish infantry range.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Pikemen standing in karpus

These chaps have oodles of character. The body poses suggest the weight of their heavy pikes and the magnitude of the stress about to face men going into battle.

We decided to break from the standard convention of depicting the ubiquitous karpus and use a style seen in Oberg & Goransson's KAROLINER. This karpus style has a front 'trim' rather in the fashion of a western style grenadier cap. We debated this a little as we anticipate some reaction from the Wargames Fashion Police but the karpus was manufactured in a huge number of designs this being one of them.

The natural body poses of this pack made it a joy to paint and that probably shines through in terms of the detail that I have included.

The unit is depicted in the white facings of the Vasterbottens Regiment. I have chosen to represent the white with an Off White highlight on Pale Sand. I also chose a darker blue than the faded campaign look I have used on some other test models in the range.

The waistcoat, breeches and stockings are done in a tan shade which I thought suited the overall style of the model well.

I very rarely use blue straight from the bottle/pot these days and this uniform blue is a mix incorporating dark blue, black and grey blue.

This code does not yet have an official number but will be available in July 2014.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Pikemen charging in karpus

This code is completed in a very plain style of karpus. The karpus was available in numerous styles and cuts during the period of the GNW. A flick through Aberg & Goransson's KAROLINER will show in the numerous pencil sketches the huge variety of manufacture and wearing styles.

This code is extremely animated and utilizes several dolly poses to create a high degree of movement within the pack. Swedish uniforms although simple are really no quicker to paint than others mainly because the large coat turn backs require a little attention if they are to look good.

I have chosen a colour combination which can make these chaps represent the Narke-Varmlands Regiment in the period of the war. I have used a rather faded blue based on a Vallejo favourite of mine - Luftwaffe grey -blue. In a slightly nonsensical contrast I have made their red facings rather vivid but it produces a nice effect.

The equipment is done in desert yellow. and the gauntlets highlighted in Iraqi Sand.

This code should be commercially available from sometime in July 2014 along with around another 9 codes from the range. It does not yet have an official code number.

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