Wednesday, July 16, 2014

28mm GNW Setting the standard

'Heroic' scale Quindia GNW Russian flag 
Barry Hilton - Flags are often the aspect of a wargaming unit which first catch the eye of the observer. The standard is the icing on the cake when it comes to modelling and I usually leave it till everything else is done. It's effectively a 'full stop' in terms of effort.

Heroic paper flag for Regiment Skaraborg
Over the past 24 years I have developed the process of flag production for my collection and the details of how to create the cotton flags I use can be found elsewhere on this blog and on the LoA website. Making flags from scratch and painting complex designs free hand is a pretty time consuming activity. My current commitments don't allow me to spend that much time on the topic.

Bjorneberg's colour in 30 x 30mm size
 The appearance of the Quindia Studios range of flags has been not only good for the market but also an excellent compromise solution for me! Clarence has put in a huge amount of time and effort to bring an accurate range of flags to the market and it is with these in mind that I thought I would combine several topics: The new Warfare GNW range, the GNW flags created by Quindia Studios to support the range and the thorny issue of flag size.

two shots of a colonel's colour in 30 x 30 size
Let's start with the last issue. I adopted oversized flags for several reasons; The look great, they are easier to paint in terms of fine detail and they really stand out on the table top. Clarence has taken to using the term 'heroic' for my 50 x 50mm sized flags. A good description in my view. Some wargamers find them too big and opt for 40 x 40mm (editor: the size of the flags generally found on units in the collection of Quindia Studios). This size is also generally incorrect.

More variation in 30 x 30 size
For the period of the NYW/WSS and GNW and accurate size would be 30 x 30mm. Too small for my taste but this article showcases some of the Quindia range in the smaller size as well as 'heroic' size. The reason I did this was quite practical. For the Gallery shots which will feature the Warfare GNW figure range I did not want the flags to distract from the figures and thus scaled down the size.

Attached to individual models the size looks more than fine. Where I begin to be less happy is in the context of a unit where I believe the large size does much to enhance the finished look.


  1. *grin* . . . I'm splitting the difference. For my ECW army I'm going with 45mm x 45mm infantry standards. Like you I prefer larger flags.

    -- Jeff

  2. They do provide a focal point on the table

  3. According to Hoglund Russian standards of 1700 pattern were 2.25m high x 2.6m long, this is 40 x 46mm in 28mm scale...

  4. OK so my 'heroic' size is not too much exaggerated... I possibly will avoid a visit from the WFP EK Chapter

  5. Barry,
    I believe the GNW flag range has to be the best sets you have produced. The colors are rich and the flags are really detailed and crisp.

  6. Barry,
    What measurements do you use for your cavalry?
    Especially your Maison du Roi squadrons?

  7. Not at home right now Nick so can't measure! I suspect I did them about 30mm square but possibly 35mm square. This is of course too big but looked rather splendid. Since beginning to use Quindia flags I have modified to about 25mm square.


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