Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Musketeers marching in tricorne

This code will I suspect, be the mainstay of many battalions. It has good variety but keeping the theme of a battalion advancing under orders.

We have used three dollies for this code. The left arms are separates which allows the figures to be modelled with the weapon at slightly different angles in order to create an even more realistic appearance.

We have created 2 musket variants one with the extra long Swedish bayonet fixed and the other without. The sword and bayonet frog arrangement can have the sheathed bayonet socket cut off if the bayonets are fixed on the muskets.

Equipment includes the field haversack.

Several different iterations of this combination will not only provide variation within a unit but also between units.


  1. Have you painted and based a full regiment of the new Swedes yet? I would love to see how they look "en masse". I'm sure the result will be spectacular. I really like the animation and character of these figures.

  2. thanks Jim. No not yet as for the full battalion. I had a limited number of masters. After September 8th I should have lots more and the serious work will begin. Samples of those will go out to the whole investor group.. happy days!

  3. We are much nearer! :) Seriously though, I think before Christmas. We want to release as many of the Swedish codes together as we can. This should mean between 16 and 20 codes with 5 variants per code.


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