Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hidden Gems - Warfare Miniatures CODES WLOA080-087

Warfare Miniatures codes WLOA080 - 087 are a series of hidden gems in the range. Designed by Steve Shaw these models feature 5 different pose variants each with 8 different head variants. This results in a total of 40 different figures

The anatomy of the poses allows a nice variety of unit configurations. Our battalion packs feature them in three different variants - At the Ready, Firing Line and Firing Line under pressure.

The figures are equipped with matchlock muskets and 12 apostle bandoliers. The various photographs in this post highlight the versatility of the codes. Steve is known in the industry as the proprietor of Feudal Castings.

Steve is currently designing more figures for Warfare Miniatures.

1 comment:

  1. These are lovely figures and are the ones I used for my large Kirk's regiment which have also been doubling up with a flag change as the Swedish Halsinge regiment in our Skane wars battles.
    I'm also looking forward to Steve's highlanders finally coming out if they are as good as the first ones he has produced.


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