Monday, September 29, 2014

New Horse and Musket rules: Snow game 3 Skane War 1676

I had a hankering to put on a Skane War scenario after seeing Soren and Michael's wonderful efforts coming out of Stockholm.

5 Danish units on left, 3 + Swedish units on the right
This scenario is set sometime around the period of the Battle of Lund in the winter of 1676. The Swedish and Danish forces meet on a relatively open field with the Danish infantry holding some high ground and the Swedish infantry deployed around a small Skane village.

Danish Force
Garden til Fods: Veteran with flintlocks and socket bayonets (24 models) Colonel: The Hector
Characters: Ensign, 2 x drummers, 2 x sergeants 96 points
Regiment Funen: Drilled with flintlocks,socket bayonets  6 pikemen (36 models) Colonel: The Old Sweat
Characters: Ensign, 3 x drummers,3 x sergeants 78 points
Life Guards of Horse: Veteran Bullet Horse, 2 pistols (18 models) Colonel: The Salamander
Characters: Cornet, Trumpeter, Sergeant 96 points
Jyske Regiment of Horse: Drilled Bullet Horse, 2 pistols (18 models) Colonel: The Salamander
Characters: Cornet, Trumpeter  64 points
Light gun Drilled  15 points
Total 349 points

Swedish Force
Uppland Regiment: Veteran with flintlocks,plug bayonets and 6 pikemen (18 models) Colonel: The Old Sweat
Characters: Ensign, 2 x drummers, 1 x sergeants, 1 x Minister 82 points
Halsinge Regiment : Drilled with flintlocks, plug bayonets and 6 pikemen (36 models) Colonel: The Hector
Characters: Ensign, 2 x drummers,1 x sergeant  85 points
Smalands Cavalry: Veteran Blade Horse  (18 models) Colonel: The Drunk
Characters: Cornet,Trumpeter 104.5 points
Abo & Bjornebergs Cavalry: Drilled Blade Horse (18 models) Colonel: The Politico
Characters: Cornet,Trumpeter, Sergeant 85 points
Total 356.5 points

Aggressive Danes - Jyske Horse smash into Abo 
Dave played the Swedes and I played the Danes.The unexpected definitely happened in this game! First card turned was the Danish Lifeguards and I decided to attack the Smalands cavalry who I expected to win. On the other flank my Jyske Cavalry quickly closed with the Abo as I tried to isolate the Swedish infantry and destroy then with my superior musketry.

Danish Lifeguards absorb the shock of Smalands charge

Smalands got the drop on the Lifeguards whilst Jyske beat Abo to the charge. In a strange reversal of fortune the Lifeguards weathered the onslaught and began a massacre of Smalands whilst Abo stopped Jyske and eventually beat them back but did not rout them. Within a few turns the Swedish infantry were isolated with enemy cavalry on both flanks ready to turn inwards to sweep them away.

The Lifeguards obliterate Smalands in a deadly melee
Dave had to attack. The large Halsinge regiment advanced against Regiment Funen but Uppland had to stop and face left to avoid being taken in the flank by the Lifeguard.

My Danish Foot Guards began a repositioning exercise to try and bring their significant fire power to bear  against Halsinge but it was all over before they could get into action.

Enemy Horse on borh flanks - the Swedish infantry fight to survive!
Uppland beat back the Lifeguard of Horse but in doing so were written down to nothing. Funen took on Halsinge and bested them during a sharp close combat.

Very soon the Swedish force was all but destroyed and the Danes still had Funen, the unblooded Foot Guards and around half of the Jyske Horse left intact.

A sharp and decisive Danish victory!


  1. Wonderful game - and beautiful table as a setting for it.
    I love that the pretty-boys of Funen, the home of H.C. Andersen, managed to give the rough Halsinge farmers and wood workers a lesson in warfare!

  2. Funen were in the thick of the fighting yesterday too! We had two summer campaign games in which they faced firstly Adelsfahn Horse (and captured a colour from them!) and secondly Uppland Regiment who provided very tough.
    We are really getting to know these Scandinavian units!

  3. Despite the result I really enjoyed this game and it was also after the cavalry action that we finally came up with a cavalry counter charge rule.
    The games yesterday have also seen the rules developed a bit further and some deadly infantry fire destroying smaller units of cavalry.

  4. Nice looking game, love this table!

  5. Cracking work and I'm still hoping to catch the game at Copenhagen :-)

  6. I would very much like to get to Copenhagen myself to see it but other travel commits prevent this. I will settle for some pix, a battle report and a blog contribution from the gang!

  7. Greate looking game, lovely looking minis !

    Pleas do not use Flintlock and Bayonet on the Swedes at least as the Swedish army didnt use Bayonets untill around 1703-4 (may be some Grenadiers erlier) and they used matchlock rifles until around 1695 ish. I suppouse the Danes was as slow as the Swedes to adapt modern stuff, but Sören have to tell you as I don´t have any knowledge about tha Danish army by the time. I also might increase the niber of Pikes in Halsinge Regiment to 18 as about 1/3 of the regiment was pik armed.

    Best regards Michael

    1. Halsinge's only had 6 pikes because that's all I had painted up to the time of the game but I'm sure I'll be painting up more for future battles.


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