Monday, November 3, 2014

A shot in the dark... will we get any replies to this?

What? it's not just King Billy and Seamus of the dung?
Barry Hilton - For a considerable time Clarence and I have discussed the possibility of widening the scope of the Blog beyond the period 1660-1720. We both have enormously wide wargaming interests, are well networked and possess very large collections.

Servants of the Witchking hunt Men of Arnor in the ruins of northern Middle Earth!

The pedigree nature of what we have offered so far is the conundrum. Do people like the blog because it stays focused or, would they enjoy a widening of our horizons to include much of the rest of what we get involved in?

Yes, I still have all this gear - currently resting in boxes
It is a difficult one for us. Starting another blog(s is of course an option but the work involved in such a choice is significant and perhaps beyond our limited time window.

William Waller at Cropredy Bridge.

Our guest postings have been very popular and there has been no shortage of contributors. The debate has never concluded and so, as the Blog is effectively public domain and a window for visitors to look into our take on the hobby, I thought it time we solicited the opinion of members and casual visitors.

Mein Gott! not 15mm stuff too!!!!
Should the LoA blog open its window a little wider to encompass the many other dimensions of the hobby in which we have an interest. To provide a starter for 10;

Marshal Ney urges his troops to sweep the British from the field!

I have large collections of Napoleonic troops in both 15mm and 28mm, Crimean War miniatures in 28mm, WW2 in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm, Naval, Dark Ages, American Civil War in 15mm and 28mm plus numerous little dark corners which my friends won't let me talk about.

This was fun - The French crossing the Tchernaya
Clarence has Naps, American War of Independence, Darkest Africa, English Civil War, Vikings, 15mm WW2, Lord of the Rings and enormous numbers of Warhammer machine thingies which I don't understand.

The Death Korps of Krieg

Widening the field more, Ade has Dark Ages, Bob has more of the above and DOB has everything somewhere in his cave!

Sir Irving Forbush urges on his party...

So, members and visitors, I return to the question at hand,

How would you feel if we widened the blog scope? Good? Bad? indifferent? Is our pedigree approach one of the attractive things about the blog or is it a frustration?

I may be shouting into the cyber void here but I hope not!

Are you out there??

Clarence Harrison - I thought I'd hijack Barry's post to add a couple of things. My own hobby time this year has been severely limited because of personal reasons, but I am hoping 2015 will be better! Barry has carried most of the load solo of late. While we started the site to focus on Beneath the Lily Banners, Donnybrook, and Warfare Miniatures, the League of Augsburg has been known for many different periods over the years. What defines the League of Augsburg is the high level to which these periods have been pursued. By diversifying the content of the site it will help us to continue to publish regular offerings while we might be distracted from the 17th and 18th centuries (I have the attention span of a five-year old) as well as allow us to draw on our considerable resources from other periods so we're not recycling photos of the same units!

I promise to keep the Warhammer stuff to a minimum : )-

Let us know what you think...


  1. We're all wargamers or we wouldn't be here in the first place.......Go for it!

  2. You should use the blog to represent your hobby at any given point in time.

  3. I had no problem with it, if you guys would open the forum for other periods and systems. In the last time i had the feeling that it was quite silence in the forum. So perhaps it would bring more activities back to the community. :-)

  4. Yes, this blog should broaden its scope and go for different aspects of our hobby as this Blog is named (the Blog of the) League of Augsburg and not Beneath the Lily Banner.

  5. No, start a second blog for the other periods. . . . "Call it Alternate-LoA" or some such but keep your focus for this period limited.

    THAT being said, I would not object (indeed I would welcome) extending this blog back to include the ECW . . . but NOT forward to include the mid-Eighteenth century wars (even though I really like those).

    -- Jeff

  6. Benno's Figures forum did this, originally it mainly covered 1/72 scale plastic figures. After being thrown open, the forum certainly got a lot busier. Better? Who knows. None of the regular contributors are conspicuous by their absence, so must have gone down OK.

  7. Maybe start a second blog? :) I have one for my Napoleonics and one for my other hordes of whimsy...

    I want to see those Napoleonics and Ancient Germans whatever happens...

  8. i say go for it. we all have interests in many periods

  9. I would say, maybe expand your fighting talk into a blog for all periods and keep this as period specific. i think you have yourselves allways said there is too little information on exactely this period, so maybe keep at it here and convert this into a kind of kronosgraf for the League of Augsburg. And maybe cross post relevant non period specific items like terrain making, painting etc here? Just my 2 cents. of course it's your baby and you do with it as you please :)

  10. I agree with Rittmeister Krefeld and hope that you keep the blog focused on the Warfare Miniatures periods, maybe adding ECW, but nothing more. The reason I like this blog is its focus on the one period. I can find plenty of other blogs if I want to see Napoleonics, ACW, WW2 and God forbid, fantasy. I run several blogs and don't find it difficult to keep them running and I don't have the luxury of having several partners to create content.

  11. It is good to hear from all of you so quickly. Please keep the comments coming in. I know Clarence had some reservations about beginning other blogs due to the administration. As expected, there is already a mix of views (that's life!). We have no way of quickly assessing how much of our traffic is from non members which is a little bit of a conundrum. For me, going to many shows as I do, I find lots of people speaking to me about the blog but who are not members so clearly there is a lot of lurking and casual visiting going on.

  12. I like it focused they way it is; by all means have "Son of LoA" for non 1660-1720 stuff. This is a special place.

  13. Open the blog to other periods, please!

  14. I think that it is fine if this blog is stretched to cover the whole pike-and-shotty epoch. All the rest can go to a second blog, where eras, genres and scales can be mixed as you guys wish...

    However, it is you guys who decide in the end.

  15. Thanks for the replies so far. It's not that we can't maintain two blogs physically on the web... It's maintaining a consistent level of output. One of the reasons for considering expanding the scope for THIS blog is to keep regular offerings on THIS site. If we go to two websites, there is the real possibility that one ends up sitting dormant for weeks at a time as we pursue other interests.

    Expanding the scope of this site also potentially means expanding the following as there are a great many readers out there who have no interest in periods with pikes (gasp)!

    I am fine with either path. I hope to have more time to contribute next year so that will help in any case. Thanks again for the responses and keep them coming...Thanks for the replies so far. It's not that we can't maintain two blogs physically on the web... It's maintaining a consistent level of output. One of the reasons for considering expanding the scope for THIS blog is to keep regular offerings on THIS site. If we go to two websites, there is the real possibility that one ends up sitting dormant for weeks at a time as we pursue other interests.

    Expanding the scope of this site also potentially means expanding the following as there are a great many readers out there who have no interest in periods with pikes (gasp)! Maybe a compromise to cover pike and shot through black powder periods (1500-1900)? After all we do offer Napoleonic rules and Donnybrook is destined for multiple expansions from the ECW to Darkest Africa...

    I am fine with either path. I hope to have more time to contribute next year so that will help in any case. Thanks again for the responses and keep them coming...

  16. As much as I enjoy other gaming genres, I am declaring for the 'focused' side for the blog. It is easy enough to follow multiple blogs, and periods of dormancy are not always a bad thing.

  17. Please expand. The blog is always delightful even on the periods I don't play.

  18. I want to see everything! Expand the blog. I for one would love to see more pic's of that Franco Prussian table.

  19. Take the shot! I would keep the main focus as you have in the past but add in the occasional posting on another period. Personally I don't play any of the periods that the blog has been covering but that doesn't diminish my enjoyment of it. I do pretty much horse and musket exclusively and enjoy reading about any of the periods therein, and I don't mind a bit of a peek into other periods as well, you can always learn something new and useful.


  20. Personally I would prefer this blog to remain focused on the LoA period, possibly including ECW.
    I'd happily delve into a second blog of assorted subject (provided there are no napoleonics!) ;)

  21. Hmm, the LOA Fighting Talk already has spots for other periods, but they go unused. That's a problem with the users and not the admins. So when you say expand the Blog what are you getting at exactly?

    If you feel the need, go for it, I'll support it and as been said I'm a wargamer and I too play other periods.


  22. When will there be an update for the swedish soldiers from the GNW range?

    1. @ Clarence Harrison

      A most disrespectful answer towards those who are waiting. It has been over two months and not a single word about the new range. The webpage also says soon, but had said so for the same amount of time. According to this, soon could be any time. A month, or two. We need an answer not this "soon" crap. Thanks for nothing.

    2. I presume you have a name. It would be nice to know it. I do hope your reference to respect was ironic considering the construction of your own response. Clarence has nothing to do with the the range. It is a Warfare Miniatures project. This thread is about another topic and he responded as he did because news WILL come soon on a separate thread on the blog. Thanks for your interest.

  23. Interesting post Barry - I striped all the non ECW posts from the auldearn blog a year ago and I think it's the better for it. However, back in the day, it was only these that really kept the blog alive. At the end of the day it's all about what you guys enjoy - even though I don't do the Lilly banners period, I find the posts good food for thought, always entertaining and inspirational on the painting front.

  24. I'm not a fantasy fan (or Warhammer) but I do like lots of historical periods, so I will follow the blog either way you go with your decision. In the end, it's your blog, you guys do the work to make it so your call!

  25. Gents,
    I really enjoy this blog as it has a certain focus of the LOA period. I'm open to expand into the TYW & ECW, but thats about it. Another alternative would be to focus on your LOA products, the rules your company produced; meaning adding in the Napoleonic theme. I'm fine with that too. As mentioned earlier in this thread, the main LOA web site has other periods that seem to go dormant, thats a possibilitiy here if you go down that road. I think the initial focus for this blog when it was first created was the LOA period, the promotion of BLB and Donnybrook; there is no other web site out there like this one. This also includes the great terrain and building turtorials and promotion of the products for this era. This will be a great forum when the additional supplements come out for those game systems. I think you should keep it simple, It really discourages me when I visit other blogs and have to hunt down certain topics. This blog is spot on as is.

    Hope this helps.


  26. Like any debate, the more points of view you receive the more balanced and interesting the topic becomes. I personally love the purity of the blog. Although we occasionally meander down a different road the main artery is unashamedly the late 17th and early 18th century. It does provide a very distinctive flavour and for those interested in the period it is a nice clear sound in a very noisy and sometimes confusing chorus from the hobby. But, back to the dilemma, Clarence and I have so many other pieces of interesting wargaming stuff which others want to see. We will definitely have to sit around the campfire and have a pow wow

  27. Hmmm, I really like the current focus of the blog.If you can retain the same amount of LOA content then I would consider the expansion option.....but only if it does not distract from completing the Ireland Supplement that was promised. Good luck!

  28. Since this is a group blog, I feel like the narrow historical focus helps tie everything together. A personal blog can jump wildly between time periods, genres and scales, and still be unified by the blogger's own style (both painting and writing). But 5+ bloggers all posting and discussing whatever they feel like from across the whole wargaming hobby?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd still visit every time there's an update. But it wouldn't feel quite the same.

    1. Actually the main blogger is Barry for a variety of very good reasons, even so, consistency of style will I think, never be a major problem for us here. I think the main point coming from the responses is a pro/anti view on dilution from the core focus of later pike and shot warfare. Interestingly, Clarence's main point has not been this issue but rather the challenge of consistent updates across 2+ blogs at the frequency currently achieved. Bearing in mind that most of it is coming from 1 person at the moment, multiplying that by 2 or 3 becomes even more of a full time job. But hey, this was the debate we wanted to stimulate and we are delighted that so many of you are engaged with the topic!!

  29. Hmm if it's any help piping in again, I'll raise to 4 cents. Seems to me that you want to mix business with pleasure. Of course I realize you are doing this already anyway, but LoA is in a way not your blog... it's Warfare Miniatures blog. So mixing in your personal wargames shots in here, however beautiful and tempting they are, I don't see how a goblin hunt in Arnor it will help Warfare Miniatures... which in a way should be the prime reason for doing this anyway?? no?

    I would love to see all your wargmas goodness, but maybe elsewhere? :) I for one still get annoyed finding references to Dan Schorr's website difunct website for GNW and would hate to see that now another resource bites the dust...

  30. One of my simple joys is to visit this blog to see the latest LoA/Warfare Miniatures 1660-1720's period information, both historical and in miniature. I do have other wargaming period interests but I feed the need of those from other sources. If this blog becomes cluttered with topics I have no interest in I will certainly visit much less often.
    As was asked previously, is this a personal gaming blog or a commercial one to promote the period and the products? This blog is one of only a very few covering this period and I would prefer to keep the focus as it stands as I believe that is why it was started and why many of us joined.

  31. The late 17th century is a special, special period, with many wargaming detractors and yet so few true 'bright lights'. This blog is one of those lights Barry and it would be a shame to dilute it, even though the other periods are exciting too.

    You've said yourself how special the period is, and you've developed various rules for all aspects and sizes of battle. I see this blog as the wargaming equivalent of John Child's work - and he's seen as a specialist in the period. It's better to create more converts and push the wonders and characters of this time to the forefront - there's so much more it can give and you have the creative flair to do I think it would be better to leave as is (especially if it means GW coming in LOL).

    For me the point of the website is to be clear, focused and differentiated from all the other stuff available online. The clue is in the title. You go to the LoA - great name by the way - to read about the LoA period. I check out BlogSpot every day. I know I will get well-written, interesting articles that will give me ideas, fire the imagination for new scenarios and maintain the sense of a community of similar interests.
    I would be disappointed if the LoA expanded into some vanilla, 'any-topic-will-do' operation. It will lose its distinct identity which is a prime motivation for visiting the site. The 1680-1720 period is so full of events, incident and possibilities and yet it is relatively little-known. The LoA and its well-informed contributors provide high quality information and inspiration on that period - all in one place. You do not get the petty email wars or spats that so many other sites seem to descend into. The community of responders on LoA keep the contributions honest and up to the mark!
    The quality of the writing and images, the sheer creativity of the dioramas and the no-compromise standards of the figures and terrain - that sets LoA apart from so many others.
    So I would vote strongly for no dilution - stick to the knitting - stick to your guns Barry!

  33. The strength of feeling expressed around blog purity has been well heard and understood by us. Although Clarence and I have as yet to take a direct conversation on the topic I think I speak for both of us now by saying we'll keep the content here planted firmly in the 1650-1720 period.
    We may have to rethink how we best manage the other material we have for which there is clearly a demand. Leave that with us, it may mean other blog addresses.

    Thanks everyone for not only making your feelings very clear but also for the enormously generous comments pointed at our scribbling. We very much value that feedback and it is indeed a rich reward.

  34. The focus on a single era or timeframe is what makes this blog rather unique.
    Whilst I'm a big fan of Dark Ages, French Indian Wars and Spanish Civil War I'm not entire sure, it would be a huge improvement.
    Several other blogs and forums cover 'everything' and rarely succeed
    I really like the 'gentlemanly' way of this blog and would feel sorry if it was lost or diluted.


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