Monday, November 17, 2014

Spreading the jam a bit thin.. time to regroup?

Ireland 1691 - Falkirk 2012?

Barry Hilton - I enjoy projects, targets, goals, deadlines and working under pressure. It perhaps accounts for the volume of output. I have recently realised that I seem to be simply rushing through the chain of events of which I am part and barely noticing the good moments let alone savouring them. That is a major mistake on my part.

France 1944 - Falkirk 2007

Since 1992 my involvement with the hobby has been pretty constant and ever increasing. Several recent conversations with valued friends have made me stop and think a little. Why don't I see them as much as I used to?

Saxony 1813 - Newark 2010 or 11

Well, job aside, it's because of the writing, the shows, the weekenders, the figure company and painting endless units to deadlines (mostly self imposed). The hobby I love is actually becoming somewhat of a job which was never the intention.

Ireland 1690 - Newark 2008

2015 is probably the right time for a change. Less shows? well, a graceful withdrawal from several which I have been part of for too long is probably in order. A recalibration on writing commitments, yes that too is probably a good move. It may well allow me to concentrate on the three sets of rules which currently sit 90-95% finished but unpublished.

Flanders 1693 - Newark 2007

Thinking through the issue has also got me combing through my archive of collateral from many demo games of the past. I thought the backdrop to this overly reflective piece should be some of the nice League of Augsburg moments caught by my own camera. At times previous the recording was usually courtesy of Duncan Macfarlane.. thanks Duncan!

Waterloo 1815 - Falkirk 2011

A very early New Year's resolution...get a grip and stay focused.


  1. A few guys at the weekend commented that you looked a bit tired and quieter than usual, perhaps the pot of jam is almost running out. We've been saying for the last few years that you need to slow down so it's good to hear that our advice is finally sinking in.

  2. Why the need to rush out THREE more sets of rules? Take a step back for awhile and tackle them six months from now, if need be. With a growing miniatures company with new figure releases, rules, magazine articles and running demo games at shows, it's no wonder that you feel like you are hitting the wall. Stop now, while you still can, because when you do hit the burnout stage, it hits you like a sledge hammer. I've been there. There is always tomorrow.

    I had reached the point where I felt as if I could see no end to everything, no light at the end of the tunnel as it were. It's an awful feeling because you feel like events are controlling your life and you have no say in it.


  3. Barry,

    Now is the time to reconsider to rethink the where and when you want to involve yourself. Before you have a burnout syndrome from your hobby activities!
    As Dave pointed out you have to slow down a bit for the sake of your mental and physical health.


  4. Barry, as someone who used to work 24/7 across the world, I endorse the advice given above.I've finally reached the nirvana of a good work/life balance. Wish I had done it years ago.Paul.

  5. Thanks for the genuine concern chaps, much appreciated. I think there is probably a bit of a time lag between my thoughts and the actions I have taken. I am making more sensible decisions now, despite a very heavy work commitment beyond the hobby. I have already taken several decisions regarding 2015 commits. Fortunately they all focus on increased time on book publishing and creative hobby initiatives at the expense of show appearances, demo games and trading. I also intend to see far more of my gaming buddies Toggy, DOB and Gerry and I hope, a few others in the gang... good news for me.. maybe not so good news for them!!


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