Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A typical week - work - eat - sleep - hobby

Barry Hilton - I perhaps should have subtitled this post work-hobby-eat-sleep as that is the usual order of priority for me from day to day. A lot of conversations I have with people seem to begin with remarks such as;
How do you do it? How do you manage to find the time? I don't understand where you fit it all in, are you married? , You are a f***wit (no actually it is only Toggy Bob that usually says that!)

What is the formula? I have never thought of it in those terms but put simply, the reasons why I can maintain such a prolific output in hobby terms is down to a few factors: energy, avoiding dangerous distractions, a fairly continuous stream of ideas and a very understanding wife. That's it! I tend to make use of almost any available moment to get on with something or other.

When at home (which is not very often) I usually dump every other hobby related task and concentrate on painting. This means avoiding tele watching unless it is something which is on in the background whilst I paint. I long ago abandoned my mobile painting kit which I used to carry around in my suitcase. The world's paranoia with terrorism and the suspicion attached to anything carried in your luggage deterred me from trying to explain my hobby to someone in uniform whose first language is not English!
I remember only too well trying to describe why I painted the carefully toilet-tissue wrapped lead horses in my suitcase to two Saudi Arabian border guards. The look on their faces was (with distance and hindsight) quite comical but at the time the sphincter twitching experience was most uncomfortable. Vallejo paint bottles through an airport security X ray machine clearly appear far more sinister than they actually are.I do have a painting kit permanently in Dubai but I don't often find the time to sit and paint anything there!

Here is a fairly typical 10 days in my life:

Wednesday: Drove from Glasgow to Solihull. Business dinner, hotel room by 2200 hours. Wrote articles and worked on a new book till 0100+1 hours.
Thursday: Worked at office till 1400. Drove from Solihull to Heathrow picked up family. Drove to Dover and arrived at 1900. Had dinner and a walk. Spent 2200 - 0000 Blogging and internet researching.
Friday: Boat to Calais, drove to Antwerp. Walked and ate. Blogged and wrote from about 2300 - 0030 +1.
Saturday: Crisis 2014 Antwerp: Ran a demo game, talked with casting suppliers, agents, gamers and worked the Warfare Minis trade stand till 1700. Had dinner and a walk. Blogged and downloaded the day's photos till 0100+1.
Sunday: Lie in! Walked in Antwerp from 1130 till 1430. Spent 1430 till 1800 writing in the hotel. Working on material for new book. Went for dinner and drinks. Blogged and did Warfare business till 0000.
Monday: Drove from Antwerp to Calais. Boat and rough seas - writing and LoA forum replies on board. Drove from Dover to Heathrow and dropped off family. Went to hotel and ate dinner. Worked on books and blogging till 0100+1.
Tuesday: Worked till 1900, drove to Richmond and ate early. Blogged and worked on books till 1130.
Wednesday: Worked with clients from 0730 till 1630. Caught flight to Frankfurt. Arrived hotel 2300. Worked on books and blogging till 0100+1.
Thursday: Meeting all day in Frankfurt. Flew back to LHR arriving hotel 2000. Ate dinner whilst watching ITV 3 and working on books and new rule set. Correspondence with magazines and hobby contacts. Lights out 0100+1.
Friday: Drove from London to Glasgow. Arrived 1600. 4 hours sorting out back orders for Warfare Miniatures. Dinner at 2000. Bed at 2230.
Saturday: Up at 0600. Drove to Kirriemuir to run demo game and run Warfare Miniatures trade stand with Toggy Bob. Home for 1830. Dinner at 2100. Bed at 2230.
Remembrance Sunday: The Archers in bed. Remembrance ceremony. Shave. Brunch. Pack. Glasgow Central at 1500. Train to Wolverhampton. 3 hours of work plus the blog post you are reading right now. Dinner at 2000. Work on book until 0000.

And so it continues......There you are.. what a life! But, you get lots done!


  1. Somehow I thought that your days would run like this!
    Lesser sleep because of a packed schedule. and with 60 you are spent! You did ask us a few weeks ago about it and your most concerned Friends gave you the answer.
    I know that by myself when I pushed myself to finish what I started with my Saxons. 5 hours sleep 10-11 hous at work, eating, researching for other projects and painting and modelling two hours in the morning before going to work because at this time of the day my eye sight is at its best as my eyes are rested. And all that over a period of more than six months.
    I hope you stay healthy and nothing goes wrong. *fingers crossed*
    Good Luck!

  2. He He! Gunter.... I am happy :) I work on the principle of do it now, don't wait till tomorrow. I keep healthy, don;t have any bad habits (that I would tell anyone about!) and actually find the busy hobby schedule relieves the work stresses which are quite significant. Staying connected with my hobby chums like you and the gang make things very much easier.. so, keep talking to me. Thanks again for your genuine concern but I did not write this piece for sympathy, just to answer a very often answered question.

  3. Barry, it's not so much sympathy as simply concern for our hobby!!! :)

    Think you'll need to drop the eating and sleeping... ;)

  4. Wow, busy fellow. I just hope you don't burn yourself out at this pace. Least you don't have a boring life...

  5. Its a lot of things Mike but boring isn't one of them

  6. Barry, Sounds like your on the run all the time. I can relate. After I retireed from the Air Force back in 2004, I found more time to my addiction - the hobby! Then I had more time a few years later when my youngest son was out of school and pursuing his career...more time on my hands. Work is busy too, for example I'm a military police evaluator and we just finished a week long of exercises/drills/manuvers, somehow I managed to get a lot of odd ball bits of gaming terain pieces cleaned-up and primed for this weekend. Oh BTW I'm also a full time student working on a few Certificates...but it all comes down to time managment. Finally, married for 30 years this past August with full support of the hobby. In it all I still manage a game night about once a week and a trip to the shooting range about once a month. Time to get a few hours 0300 here in Tucson.


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