Friday, January 16, 2015

Warfare Miniatures GNW Range more news - front rank Musketeers charging in tricorne

Swedish infantry in tricorne Front rank charging
A very dramatic code full of the energy and menace of a Swedish infantry charge. I chose to avoid the expected Blue - Yellow combination so associated with Swedish troops and go for something a little more prosaic.

lunging with intent
These models are painted in shades of German Field Grey, Khaki and Khaki grey with washes applies in some cases to soften the look.

The angle of the tricorne is realistic
Troops serving the Swedish Crown were known to wear grey either with coloured facings or in plain coats. The war lasted 20 years and by the end Sweden would have been completely ruined financially.

Another fine pose
In such circumstances it is almost inevitable that plain, cheap uniforms in the ubiquitous undyed shades of the period were seen.

Running into the charge
Some Finnish units had grey uniforms as regulation.

A different shade of coat
The poses for this front rank code convey the aggression of a Swedish infantry attack. The long, well formed bayonets look particularly fine.


  1. The good news is that when I get back from Dubai I am expecting a large shipment of these plus 16 of the other packs so we might be in business!

  2. I love the animation and color of those Swedes!

    Sounds like good news on the casting front too.

  3. I like the Swedes in the grey uniforms instead of the usual blue and yellow ones.

  4. Several Swedish/Finnish units wore grey or grey with a facing distinction.. yes it makes a change doesn't it!

    1. Can you identify which units those were, that wore the grey?



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