Friday, February 20, 2015

GNW Range Figure feature - Drummers!

Since painting the spectacular charging drummer in karpus I thought it would be a nice idea to feature the three drummers already painted. We now have 6 drummers sculpted giving the listed options;

Charging in karpus
Charging in tricorne
Marching in karpus
Marching in tricorne
Standing in karpus
Standing in tricorne

The Swedes did not seem to use the reverse colour dress option for their drummers som I have given these models nice lace trim which is well defined on the sculpts.

The Karpus chappie is a real gem and the detail of both uniform and drum are very easy to paint.


  1. So many beautiful details...splendid!

  2. I was a drummer in the 2nd Battalion, 84th Regiment, Royal Highland Emigrants (1779) then I was a drummer with the Tokyo Pipeband

  3. Great models... if only they were available for purchase.


  4. I share your frustration Rob but i think the cause is all to well known. With Griffin having lost Stewart in December their business was set back hugely which has extended leads times to over 12 weeks. I have half of the first batch of the range in commercial quantities but will not realise till I have all of it and the investors have at least had the first chance to get their hands on the models. I think we should have resolution very soon. At least there is an upside.. when we release you'll see 100 models available straight away!

  5. The figures are gorgeous and so is your painting Barry.

  6. Thanks Dave! I really enjoyed doing these. The detail on the castings makes it very easy to pick out little features.


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