Monday, March 16, 2015

Ramillies in 15mm

The French Army
Peter is becoming a regular contributor to the blog. As well as sharing my interest in the Williamite campaigns in Ireland and letting us see his 'military history holiday' snaps he also has a very impressive War if the Spanish Succession collection.
Allied Horse
Peter and his friend Paul have a Christmas 'big bash' and I understand that 2014 featured The Battle of Ramillies 23rd May 1706. One of Marlborough's big four.

Peter was kind enough to send some of his pictures for me to share with blog followers and they are impressive.
Very deep French deployment
I have fought the battle only once and that was about 20 years ago on a 20 feet x 6 feet table using 28mm models. I still remember it to this day. We organized a game for Kirriemuir Wargames Club which was run at the church hall. Alas, I have no available digital photos of that event.
Hanoverian Foot
Enjoy the superb minis from Peter's collection here.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes Paul - 15mm. We do a 'spectacular' every Christmas.This year we had 1000+ British, Dutch, Danish and German Foot figures and 300 horse under Marlborough and another 1000+ French and Bavarian Foot under Villeroi with 320 horse figures. We use a figure ratio of 1:50 so we were close to representing the total 70,000 British/Allied and 65,000 armies of the Two Crowns. The tables were dining and kitchen pushed together with green cloths laid over creating an 11 foot by 5 (and in some places 6) foot playing surface! Over 2 and a half days the battle raged back and forth with eventually the glorious horse of the French Royal household and right wing collapsing and routing as night fell...!

  2. That is impressive!
    Lots and lots of units.
    Do you have more info on the manufacturer(s) of the miniatures?

    1. The majority of the figures are Roundway. Have had them more than 20 years. The French also have some Minifigs and Essex. Recently I have added to the Allied Horse and German Foot from the new range of Black Hat Marlburians. I find all these ranges integrate well enough when viewed 'en masse' which is one of the advantages that 15mm gives you...


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