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Swedish infantry of a slightly earlier vintage 1675 - Scanian War
To restore some balance I have selected a series of 1690s based infantry action photos which I trust also hit the mark.
Ramsay's Scots Dutch Regiment at Neerwinden 1693
For some reason gamers tend to always begin their collections in a new period with infantry. Is that to get a feel for the painting style or because their are quicker to get a result from?
A very strong Dutch Brigade advances during the Battle of Walcourt 1689
When gaming in the 1690s period it is important to get the balance right between Horse and Foot which means painting roughly one mounted model for every two on Foot.
French Brigade moves out to meet the Dutch at Walcourt 1689
I have done a lot of cavalry in this period but trues to my word I have done more than twice as many infantry!
French defence including the Maison du Roi
These shots are once more drawn from a wide selection of games and over a fairly long period of time. They reinforce the real attraction of wargaming and collecting in the late 17th century.
Bonnie Dundee's Jacobite regulars in action in Scotland
Rather than use nice posed shots the vast majority of these are from actual games. The figures are from a variety of collections and include the painting of Bob Talbot, Gerry Donohoe, Peter McCarroll, Dave O'Brien, Paul McLauchlin, Andy Thomson, Alan Wedderburn, Jim Masson and probably several people who I have inadvertently missed.
Bloody Aughrim re fought at Derby 2014
All this stuff is really getting me in the mood for some table top action.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Jacobite counterattack at Aughrim 1691
French and Irish Horse clash with Huguenot and Dutch - Partizan 2013
I take lots of pictures during our games and often forget I even have them! The intention is  to build an extensive archive to support articles and publications but this is easy to lose track of.
French cavalry attack at Neerwinden - Partizan around 2008
During the preparations for SALUTE 2015 I have not been able to devote any time to creative activities such as painting. Instead, I spent time tidying up my photo files and trying to sort them into a better order. In so doing, I got browsing and though it a good idea to share.
Walcourt 1689 - Dutch Horse and Dragoons mix it with the French
So here are a selection of shots from various games containing serious cavalry action! The locations are various and the time span across the shots is about six or seven years. The figures come from various collections including my own, Bob Talbot's and Steve Shann's.
Jacobites in exile - Irish Horse in Flanders 1693
Much of the terrain is Adrian Howe's and one or two of the shots have appeared in magazines and rule books over the years. I still have many of the non Warfare Miniatures units featured in these shots but they don't get out to play as much as they used to.
Wolseley's Regiment attacking at Athlone 1690

The War in Ireland created plenty of cavalry photo opportunities. Jacobite Horse regiments have proved very popular in many collections.
Neerhespen game fought at a weekender in Derby in 2014

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Gardes Francaises WLOA152,153,154
Warfare Miniatures products will be available at SALUTE 2015. You'll find us on the Victrix stand.

We will have the full range of Grand Alliance miniatures, guns and equipment.

WLOA57 Enthusiastic cavalry Command
Including all of our 27 cavalry code variants.
Advancing with pikes and grenadiers in fur caps - Antrim's Regiment
We'll have battalion packs with the most popular combinations.
We'll also have our wagons which were not available at SALUTE last year.

Our new GREAT NORTHERN WAR SWEDES will be on sale for the first time at a trade show together with

Our new 1680-1715 Scots Regulars, Militia and Highlanders.

The full range of Quindia Studios flags including English Scots, Dutch Danish, French, Jacobite, GNW Swedish, Saxon and Russian plus AWI codes will all be on sale too.

Not forgetting our extensive range of siege equipment.

Donnybrook and Republic to Empire will be available as will League of Augsburg and Beneath the Lily Banners polo shirts.

For anyone who makes a pre order before the show we are offering a 10% discount. You can order through the shop by choosing WARFARE SALUTE DEAL. We will reimburse you 10% when you pick your order up on the stand OR, just email, tell us what you want and we'll email back a price and send you the paypal invoice including the 10% discount.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Some of my favourite things.. the Mackay gene pool

For those of you who read the title and were immediately stricken by the Julie Andrew's ear worm I apologize. To further disappoint, I can promise as none of my favourite things, pictures of naked nuns. These can be found on another site related to wargaming and anger management classes. OK, so that is half of the audience clicking elsewhere... on to the subject at hand.

I work on the assumption that some of the emotions and thoughts I experience are common to several, perhaps thousands of others. When I am working on a wargaming project or painting a range of figures I get a very deep sense of engagement with the activity. It is all I can think about. In idle time I am making lists and planning what to buy and paint next. I search out information, make little painting schedules, all the time trying to beat my self imposed targets. I look at the models again and again, set them up in rows, watch the collection accrue into something more substantial and marvel at the sense of joy I obtain from doing it all. I often tell myself it's the best work I have ever done.

I literally have dozens of box files full of the best work I have ever done! It was all the best work I have ever done until, the next project came along. I think my experience is common but I'm not sure so, this is an area in which you all may help me calibrate.

Meanwhile, back with the body of work which for most months of most years languishes in total darkness in  a box hidden under a larger pile of identical boxes. As a result I have decided in this post and maybe some others to follow, to lift the lid and expose to the light, some of my favourite things which now hide from humanity in storage.... cue Julie in the Tyrol...............

Dutch Regiment Waldek Pyrmont ex Mackays 
This unit was painted for the first time about 1991. Then, it guised as Mackay's Scots in Dutch service. The coats were a deeper and duller red. It was the first unit of Grand Alliance figures I ever painted. I fell in love with Copplestone's cartoon-like sculpts and their exaggerated detail. During a reorganization in the mid 90s I decided to do Mackay's again using Foundry models. The old Mackay's were broken off the bases, a few models were added (including the Essex ensign in the back row who I consider the best sculpt from their old 1690s range) and the coats were given a two tone uplift to a sort of shocking scarlet). New flags and voila! Waldek arrived. I had by this time mentally shifted to 15mm frontage per model from 20mm. I had also moved from 4 x 4 models to 6 x 3 models per unit. BLB was forming in my head but was far from being a rule set. My flag making technique was by this time well developed. The hugely thick piano wire pikes required real strength to snip and the 'recoil' always hurt my hands! This unit reminds me of all of that.

The replacements for the original Mackay's
Embarking on a new Mackay's I painted a very large regiment of 36 models based in three ranks. They were primarily for a Killiecrankie project which appeared on the cover of WI many moons ago. Having won painting competitions at Claymore, Targe and Durham I saw the unit had limited use so broke it up to form the BLB battalion above (which also has pikes). They provided  extra pikemen for Ramsay's regiment, sergeants for Montcashel's regiment and a few others were  're posted'. 

Ramsay's pikemen... transferred from Mackay's
Some of the surplus pikemen from Mackay's found their way into a fellow regiment of the brigade. This close up shows them off well. The dramatic figures is actually a converted artilleryman with linstock removed. Facings of course, retouched.

Mackay's original ensign and colours.. where are they now?

Mackay's original colours
In my original regiments I only used one flag.The two flag convention started about 1994. When Mackay's were broken up their yellow saltire on red was put in a box. I recycled it during a commission army for Julian Blakeney Edward's. I added a JR cypher.. shudders from the the Williamites! The ensign is the original model from Mackay's. The photo is by Julian and with his permission. Julian sold the collection several years ago so someone out there will own this piece!

Lord Montcashel's Regiment.. containing... Mackay's!
LORD MONTCASHEL'S REGIMENT.. Irish in French service
Another of my favourite units which was reformed in the mid 90s had some of Mackay's added and regrettably has move on I know not where. I sold it a few years back but don;t remember where it went. US or Holland I think. Mackay's provided two models on the 2nd rank far left and the chap on the 2nd rank far right.

McKellikut's Regiment.. another beneficiary of Mackay's abundance

The officer on the far left was the  Lt Colonel model from the original Mackay's. He found his way across the divide, got new facings and still survives in my collection.

Mackay's gene pool has spread far and wide from the original 16 models of 1991.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BLB & Warfare Miniatures at Seven Years War Con, South Bend , IN

Dannie walks us through BLB and WARFARE MINIATURES debut at SYWARCON, IN. Nice pix too!

The Seven Years War Convention has been held for the past 32 years in South Bend, Indiana.  Despite its name, it is really dedicated to the period 1700 to 1783, or the "Tricorne" period.  This year there were about 100 attendees.  The main events were on Friday and Saturday.

This year we decided to run a couple of Great Northern War games, using BLB2 to feature both the game and WARFARE miniatures.  We had 10 battalions and 19 BLB squadrons of Saxons and some guns, all from WARFARE.  We only had three WARFARE  Swedish battalions and four squadrons of cavalry, so they were supplemented with figures from other ranges.

The first game was an encounter fight.  The scenario was that the Saxons were trying escape from Poland but were caught by the Swedes.  Most of the players had not played BLB before, so we spent a bit of time mulling over the rules and frequently misinterpreting them!  Everyone enjoyed them, though, as evidenced by the fact that of the eight players, five joined in the following day, and the others were committed to putting on another game.  The Swedish cavalry swept away their Saxon counterparts and most of the Swedish infantry was not engaged.

The next day was based on Fraustadt.  For this we added four Russian SYW battalions and reduced the number of Swedish battalions to six.  The Swedes had 16 squadrons to 19 Saxons.  The Saxons had three guns and the Swedes none.  
The battle went much as the real thing.  The Swedish cavalry easily defeated the Saxons on the wings, the Russians ran away at first contact by a charge by two Swedish battalions, and the four Swedish battalions who attacked the ten Saxon battalions suffered heavy casualties before the Saxon army gave up.  Other than the weakened Saxon infantry,  only two Saxon dragoon squadrons remained on the field and all the Russians were gone.

The players really like the rules.  Things went much smoother the second day and all agreed that, had we had time for a third game, they would be able to play them quite easily.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hilton the Pimpernel

This man is leading us a merry dance
I concur with a couple of mails received recently which have observed that my visibility has diminished in the last few months both here on the blog and on the forum. That is factually correct and there are reasons. I will briefly share those but concentrate on the more positive aspects of my hobby contributions as the main course.
There has been an awful lot of this
So, the excuses first. I have an odd job (not the Goldfinger variety). I travel overseas for about 120 working days a year and that usually involves disruption to routine. This year has begun in an extreme form of the norm, meaning several more trips than the usual number. Work is also different this year requiring a more intense input. Some of the wargaming projects in which I am involved have been far more complex than could ever have been anticipated. Getting the GNW range to market was a fairly nightmarish process which absorbed literally days and days of time, lots of energy and effort often it appeared for no productive gain. It is far from complete but after many trials and tribulations we now have 16 codes in production, 4 about to be released and 25 Russian dollies on the stocks. It has critical mass, finally.
quite a bit of this
My contributions to the wargaming press have actually increased over the last two years which takes time as magazines are hungry beasts. I am not complaining but I probably over committed. In addition, this blog which originally started with the idea of six contributors has for various reasons defaulted to a single regular writer, once again, yours truly. A blog, to retain currency also requires a lot of work. Which I have not been able to do as other demands are pulling on my time.
I have been working very hard on this...
Delays in meeting the planned release schedule of various books on the stocks have motivated me to grab one particularly overdue bull by the horns and complete it. This has meant since January of 2015 I have used pretty much every spare hour completing the text of a new book focused on wargaming the war in Ireland 1688-1692. This book has been promised for years but failed to appear for a variety of good reasons which, when examined with hindsight now seem to me, apologist in nature and symptomatic of overoptimism coupled with lack of project management.
Lots and lots of scenarios with this....
The text is finished and currently being proofed. A production plan is already in place and my target is to have the book out before the summer which I see as realistic. It will be followed in quick succession by three other titles, two of which are written and complete and the third begun. To achieve this level of output I have stopped painting completely and have not ventured into my little cave to do so since early February.

The good news is that lots of good wargaming stuff has been happening but I have just been too busy to let anyone know about it! More blog posts will appear regularly over the next few weeks as I am sitting here listening to the birds singing on a steely grey morning in EK with the back door ajar and the coffee pot on. My fingers are moving like a 1930s copy typist!

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