Sunday, May 31, 2015

All aboard! Down to the table in boats Part 1

busy little harbour but of course this is just a line up
I have resisted buying much at the various shows I have attended over the last several years. This has been a lot easier than may first be imagined. I, like most of the people reading this Blog have far too much stuff. I buy on a whim and store for decades. I am almost cured of that now. I have however two weaknesses (that I can talk about on the Internet at least). One is the need to buy stuff for specific projects and the other is boats. Any boats really but particularly those relating to wargames!

Recent work on the Ireland scenarios book has necessitated the procurement of many nautical items. The book is full of scenarios pertaining to harbours, loughs and rivers. I thus went on a hunt to find suitable vessels which are both aesthetic and practical. They need to be able to hold enough figures to look good whilst not being too obtrusive on the table.

I bought loads of boats at Carronade only a few weeks ago much to the amusement of Bob and Gerry. Well, laugh it up now chaps because I have painted the lot! Over the next few posts in this series I will show in detail each of the boat types and describe its use from a wargaming viewpoint. As a starter to the series this post simply features some shots of my armada assembled on the kitchen table at the weekend. A few of my older vessels are included and I confess to having left out small row boat but in general, the Fleet is in!

The mat is from Lithuania or Estonia or Latvia, I can't actually remember where but it is a 4 x 4 feet machine washable and ironable material piece which I think looks pretty good.
lots of very useful little craft here
I threw up the back drop just avoid taking pictures of my cats or the stairs but it sets things off quiet well. I'll start with the serious stuff in the next post.

Anchors aweigh!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Barry,
    Your project as a "Highland Mariner" reminds me of the german sentence:
    Berittene Gebirgsmarine! In your terms this would be "Mounted Highland Marine" ;-)))

  3. Ahoy Gunter, me old Shipmate! I am all wet... as usual :)

  4. Hi Barry,

    Very nice!
    I particularly like the sloop (?) second from left, who makes it?

  5. I can't remember for sure Toby but I think it was Village Green who are unfortunately in long term hibernation right now. I think they man who owns it.. Mike? has some personal commitments which keep the business in stasis, I am not sure though.

  6. I've been steered to your blog by Mark Ryan, who collates a miscellany of 'recent' items from the blogs he follows, and posts them on the Yahoo forums. I *really* like your collection of boats, and the way they're painted, making them look sea-worn. I shall come back to your blog often, as this period is one I have become interested in. Thanks for blogging! from Squibzy


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