Friday, June 19, 2015

News from the front 4 - Waterloo re enactment day 1

Union Brigade attack D'Erlon's Corps
I feel words are somewhat superfluous after this evening. I have just arrived back at the hotel and it is probably time to hang up my dice because no experience will top what I saw tonight. I took over 400 shots in less than 2 hours. This is raw stuff with no work so straight from the field.
RHA Battery

I think I'll reflect a little with my head on the pillow and leave you all with something to enjoy.

6th Division attack Hougoumont

Crabbe's Cuirassiers
British squares under pressure 
Skirmishing dismounted Polish squadron
Allied centre
RA battery give fire!
Pressing the attack on Hougoumont
The British stand firm

Actually they WERE Swedish but looked great - near Hougoumont
The Garde attack!
Firing at the Allied centre


  1. The smoke, the sheer amount of it from a fraction of the number of actual soldiers at Waterloo, is my main take away from your pictures.

  2. Actually, I didn't put the really smoky ones up! When we were there all of our wargaming gang(about 20 hardcore on the tour) agreed that visibility on the battlefield was the most significant take away. All of the chaps were amazed at how little they could see as i walked across the field for 3 days. I did a little lecture on how Republic to Empire was put together and they all liked the rules on Command & Control, Orders and Visibility.

  3. Hi Barry, great pics! I sooo need a better camera. I was in block M, with a Canon IXUS 85 IS point-&-shoot (I also tried with my iPad & iPhone, they were even worse!)... alas, ,my pics are pants! What camera did you use? Cheers, Seb
    ----- PS - my post on our Waterloo trip is here, in case you want to have a look:

  4. I will have a look Seb!
    A Nikon P600


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