Friday, July 10, 2015

Everything comes to he who is patient! - FRENCH DRAGOON COMMAND

Deep in volume two of the War in Ireland book whilst here in Portugal on holiday, I have come up for air with some excellent news.

Finally off the sculptor's bench are the Command models for the French Dismounted Dragoons. I know they have been a long time coming but about 120 Swedes jumped the queue.

Only one shot at the moment so here it is

French Dismounted Dragoons Command masters
Clib and I both apologize for the picture quality but it  signifies a dying camera. My plan is to get these mastered asap.

Mounted will definitely follow!


  1. we can get some Frenchy action on foot for my massive dragoon collection.

  2. I will get these to the casters for mastering asap so that the action can commence!


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