Monday, July 27, 2015

More and better piccies of the GNW Russians

Firing and Loading codes make a brilliant firing line
Things are hectic right now so I have been slow on the blogging front, receiving a B minus on my report card and falling behind on my class work... must do better Hilton , you slacker!
A lovely and interesting selection of poses in the Loading group
Anyway, enough.. here are more and better pictures of the GNW Russians with all 5 codes now included. They should be in my little paws by the end of this week and off for casting directly after that.
Firing group front on
Leaning into their shots in a convincing fashion

It is easy to see how we'll get two battalion configurations from these 5 codes - A battalion engaging the enemy and a battalion standing at the ready.
Very characterful poses once more

Here are the pikemen
Command front view


  1. Clib did some wonderful work once again. I really think he is good at adding character to the rank and file troops, while always keeping the officers full of the expected animation. Looking forward to adding these to my collection. My Swedes need some Russians to charge ;0)

  2. Exellent looking minis Barry !

    Just painted my beloved Dal-regiment made up of Warfare minis.

    Best regards Michael

  3. I especially like the loading poses.


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