Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Claymore 2015.. Zippin' up ma' boots and goin' back to ma' roots.. yeah!

LoA 1720 White Death game at Claymore - Donnybrook with boats
Having bared the soul in the Fighting Talk therapy column of Wargames Illustrated's last issue concerning my attitudes to shows, I was determined that Claymore 2015 would be a reboot of what got me into show demos in the first place. Claymore was the very first wargaming convention I displayed a game at.
deep view of the 9 x 4 table

Famous Trickett &Whitehouse snow boards re united with the lost Cossacks
It was Adam House in 1986 or 87 (not sure). I was at the time hanging round with some guys at the East Kilbride Club (whatever iteration that was at the time). We gamed mostly in 15mm,  focusing on Ancients and WRG 6th Edition. Those were the days.. 'Testers or Friends advancing +1 or was it +2?'.....
Hilton has trench fever and frequently cuts figures in half to satiate his habit
I organized a Nagashino game using hundreds of Dixons Samurai figures (I think these became Two Dragons in the end.. do they still exist?). I believe we won a 2nd prize or maybe a Highly Commended.
Contrary to popular opinion these are not WARGS!
I sold those Samurai to Adrian Howe and that was how our friendship began.  To complete the circle of life story, the intermediary who sold the Samurai to Adrian (at the York Show in about '94 or '95) was Stuart Hamilton who, having left the scene for years to become a Night Club owner or something, accompanied David Imrie and Iain Macdonald with their ECW game at Claymore this year. Stuart has his own Miniatures company now whose name escapes me for the moment.Anyway, enough of the history of Scottish Wargamers Part XXXI..
This went down a bomb!
GNW D-Day.. sort of
Swedish fisherman defend against the invader
Re rigged and serving the Czar

...my point is this, I lamented in the WI piece my drift away from the creativity of bygone LoA games. In a moment of clarity whilst on holiday this summer I resolved to at least get back in the ring and make the Claymore effort look more like previous LoA games with modelling, quirkiness and fun.
Russian troopship
frozen pond
Dave O'Brien was there, iPad in hand and clicking away like a Paparrazzo at a B List wedding reception. Stalwart chums Bob and Gerry managed the table and me (thanks as always for making sure my laces were tied properly and that I zipped up after wee-wee visits chaps!).
Killer Colin kills Colonel Karlsson
The Nemesis of Model Figurines - 'Killer' Colin Napier was part of the team and managed to add the scalp of Swedish Colonel Gustavsson to his already enormous scroll of dead Napoleonic French, Huguenot and other officers who have been the hapless victims of  his extraordinary die throwing. Paul Mc also joined the throng for the day and had hordes of his Cossacks mowed down by the repeating rifles of the Swedish Panzer Grenadiers... oops, too much coffee and mixing my periods there.
All the Swedish Navy could muster!
Great to see many friends of the blog and weekender stalwarts. Mark Shearwood even made a surprise visit all the way from Derby!! I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised to see you Mark!
Tatars terrorize Swedish gunners.. then kill them!
Trade was, as I have previously mentioned slow-ish but not disastrous however I had already disconnected the cables between trade and game before entering the hall. My focus was on putting on an attractive table.
Hordes of Cossacks
These guys shot more Cossacks than Stalin

That seemed to work because we won a prize.
The harbour

All is right with the world. And by the way, I bought lots of ships... watch out for my growing fleet.

Photos by DOB and Barry courtesy of Apple devices.


  1. An excellent looking game, gotta love the ships and the floating artillery thingy is superb!

  2. Great to see you Barry! Loved the barge and explantion, oh and the green chaps. PS I still think they're Wargs LOL

  3. What green chaps Martin?? A few people asked about those wolves I think I got them here


    Glad you all like it!

    1. Hi Barry the one's pictured in the caption titled hordes of cossacks

    2. Ah.. OK Martin.. THOSE green guys! :)

  4. Yes... a great game Barry worth a second or third look. Will you guys take it out to a show again!

  5. I don't have any other show commitments this year David. I decided to cut back so I could build stuff like this.. for shows! hahaha!!!

    Could play with it in the house though :)

  6. Very inspirational pictures and convention report. It makes me want to get started on painting my Warfare Swedes. Those boats are a real eye catcher too.

  7. It's a pity we never got a chance to try out the Naval rules apart from the shore to ship firing.

  8. Remember the next time it's not the wolves we need it's the giant forest spiders for Gerry 8-)

  9. Keep the wolves! What happens when they roll an odd number is one of the great unsolved mysteries of Claymore 2015. Plenty of us tried to find out but all threw evens...

  10. Master of Hounds rule from Donnybrook Colin!!!

  11. Great blog post and thanks for sharing what was clearly a brilliant game with those of us who couldn't make it. It's great to see your ships again (if not the same ones, perhaps). I remember your extremely fine Restoration two-deckers gracing the pages of Wargames Illustrated in the late 90s (or maybe early 2000s), sailing up the Medway for the Glorious Revolution. You clearly have the touch, still, Sir! The bomb vessel looks brilliant, and it must have been a real treat to play in such a fine game.

    1. My goodness - the Medway! well remembered Sir! I enjoyed that game very much and it did make the cover of WI. We demoed it twice I think, once in Glasgow when I remember a passing 'Wargaming CoS minister' gave an impromptu hell-fire sermon against the Popish Plot at the table!!! Even I was lost for words :O

  12. Barry,
    ...so share the information about the barge...looks awesome and may incorporate such a thing in a few upcoming Pirate like games.


    1. Wow are you reading my script Greg??? The first in a series on the barge is now here on the blog.. you would have been ducked in a New England pond in the 17th century for that level of foresight!

  13. Too funny...with Talk Like a Pirate Day fastly approching, I have to come up with a bigger and better game for the lads here in about 45 days...this will be a great addition. I did see the "how-to" spot on the blog...looks like an afternoon project.

    Thanks again.

    1. Why don't you build 'Son Of' which is even bigger! We can feature it here:)


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