Friday, September 11, 2015

Soldiers of Killiecrankie - Detail of the individual uniforms

Irish musketeer with French equipment
These shots are a selection of the many I took of individuals during the day. Sergeant Thomas O'Brogain carried enough authority  to encourage many of his group to 'pose' for the camera!
Ensign David O'Brogain
I gave inane instructions to the very nice people and they did their best to do what I was asking of them.
This uniform could be many regiments
I was particularly happy with the individual shots and although I did not get the names of everyone involved I'd like to thank Alan Larsen, Thomas, Sean and David O'Brogain, Sean Mcgennis, Ian, Frank and the nice chap from Loudon's whose name I did not get.
Earl of Leven's Regiment fixing bayonet

All featured here somewhere!
Earl of Antrim's Regiment sword drawn

Ferocious clansman!
Officer of Horse
Mounted senior officer


  1. Great pics! The Officer of Horse looks rather pleased with himself??

    1. he was! This is Alan Larsen, late the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo 200 and of the ' Troop' equestrian re enactors.

  2. Hi Barry Thomas Brogan here in Donegal can you contact Warren Rainey, he is looking for some flags etc for 10mm.


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