Saturday, October 24, 2015

GNW Swedish battalion packs now available

Well, I have finally got round to sorting out all the bags of Swedes lying around my house to create six different battalion packs.

I have gone for the original scope of the range with Standing. Marching and Attacking battalions available in both tricorne and karpus.

Until the end of November 2015 you can get two free Swedish infantry flags of your choice with the battalion. Just send me an email at naming the battalion you want.

Pack price is £28.00 which offers a 20% saving on buying the 4 packs separately.

The Russians will be with me at the end of this week so watch out for them too!

Now,what's next on my list of things to do?


  1. Count me in. Will keep an eye out for Russians as may as well do them all at once.

  2. Barry will you also be running battalion packs for the Russians?

  3. Roger, first Russians posted up tonight. They should be in the shop tomorrow or Tuesday. Battalion packs will come shortly after.


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