Friday, October 9, 2015

Jim Purky moves on to Swedish cavalry

nice shot of the charge

Moving on from Jim's previous post featuring a fine unit of Swedish GNW infantry here are some shots of a unit of cavalry and very fine they are!
The deep bases create some wonderful movement

Jim has opted for the deep basing I myself prefer which permits a nice arrangement of the horse relative to each other. He has contrasted the traditional blue and yellow colour combo with saddle housings in red which adds a lot to the flavour of the unit.
this shot does them real justice

I had included a couple of shots of my own cavalry which provide further comparison and contrast.
cavalry massing in the rear

Bearing in mind the Swedish trooper figure was sculpted about two years ago as a test he has done very well for Warfare Miniatures and we have sold many hundreds of them.

Clibinarium and I were talking only last week about the Swedish cavalry dolls to be sculpted imminently.

Exciting times for all of us GNW aficionados.
Quickly painted and in plain uniforms which look very effective


  1. Can't wait for the new Swedish cavalry!

  2. I like the colors used for the main coats on all the pictures, give a very strong look to the units. I do like the different arraingment of Jims that to represent the wedge formation the Swedes were known for? As a matter of fact I'm back on the GNW War wagon...getting some odds and ends painted up.
    Thanks for posting this article.


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