Sunday, November 15, 2015

A tale of two Lutzens - a gaming double take at Crisis

20mm - club unknown. Terrain beautiful

Crisis was a very busy day for Toggy and I but we both managed a couple of quick circuits of the halls at various points during the day.

Another view towards Lutzen

The contours were dramatic

Nice close in shot of the troops
Across the battlefield

It is an interesting experience because it provokes that same sensation I get when I visit Ireland - it feels very familiar and is yet fundamentally different at the same time. The appearance of many well known UK based gamers and traders creates the comfort feeling lulling you into perceiving it to be just another show on the calendar yet so many things look and feel different. 

Steve's 28mm big brother Lutzen
The venue, whilst far from luxurious is unique and quirky. The catering smells wafting down the halls from 0800 are both un-British and tempting! Parking at the very edge of the Scheldt made both my wife and Toggy insist I double checked the handbrake!

Tough day at the office for someone
People are drinking wine and beer at the gaming tables. There are many international voices all around. Many of the traders have very large stands. Some of the games are really different and there are many hobby based activity sessions such as painting clinics and even sculpting demonstrations happening all around.

Nice burning buildings effect.
Two versions of the TYW epic Lutzen caught my eye. One was a neat 20mm, plastic figure version on extremely attractive terrain, the other was a 28mm epic run by Steve and his chums from Somerset. I spent some time talking with the travelling Wessex men and enjoyed their efforts very much. Nice guys, great table and lovely figures.


The Alt Garde had a very impressive Beneath the Lily Banners game running in which a fighting retreat was being enacted. Pleasingly for me there were several Warfare Miniatures on the table. Peter Lenders and his friends always put on a very impressive table and it was nice to talk with him about the All or Nothing charge rule!

impressive real estate.

That game will feature in a further post about Crisis.

Love those guns!


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Well...those Pics are water on my Mills!:-)))

  2. Totally agree Barry, it was a very busy show, but with a very relaxed feel to it.Almost a blueprint for the perfect show.

    The Plancenoit game was also a highlight.


  3. Barry, don't you let your butterfly tendencies distract you into another period!
    We haven't finished the Crimean and ACW yet or really started on the GNW. 8-)

  4. Replies
    1. I think he's talking about his GNW Saxons?

    2. Once upon a time....there have been a small horde of Saxons for the GNW. Then their foreign brothers over that "small pond" (who were loosers too) of a 7 Brigade strong/weak Confederate Force. And finally a steady growing number of "East"-German Soldiers for the FPW---> 6E? :-))

  5. Have spoken to Clarence about 6E... awaiting your input on what needs to be added :)


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