Sunday, November 1, 2015


Quindia standards - Preobrazhenski Guards

I am hoping that by tomorrow I will have received a box of castings from my supplier with retail quantities of these first five important codes in the Great Northern War Russian infantry range.
I have been painting furiously over the past few days in order to have enough models to put on the table for our demo game at Crisis in Antwerp next Saturday.

Musketeers firing

I also hope to have the codes with me on the Warfare Miniatures stand at the show. The blog has been a bit quiet this week as I had a heavy travel schedule and used the rest of my spare time to paint and then photograph these beauties.
Musketeers loading

I painted some of the infantry in the uniform of the Semenovski Guards whilst other have a more traditional combination of green and red.
Musketeers - ready including some as Semenovski Guards

I really enjoyed painting these and the results have not disappointed. After photographing them in this form for the shop I immediately based them up into a unit for the Antwerp show. The table should look pretty with a nice big river, ships and of course the new Swedes and Russians/
Pikemen with pistols and nice green pikes

I will detail all of the codes in separate posts over the next few weeks but for now, have a look at them.

Well done to Clibinarium - outstanding sculpts.


  1. I'm getting my keyboard warmed up so that I can fire off an order as soon as the codes are determined.

  2. The Russian horde has arrived (smalish horde but still a horde)

  3. Some beautiful poses, love the pikeman looking down.

  4. Where did you get the idea of the green pikes from?
    Was it the Russian solution to pike rot which is why they and the Swedes were able to continuing pikes long after other nations had stopped using theirs? 8-)


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