Sunday, November 8, 2015

CRISIS: LoA on tour in Antwerp

GNW game at CRISIS 2015
The LoA Team was minus one stalwart in the shape of Emma Hilton but sporting a new team member in the shape of Toggy Bob Talbot who had flown in via Schipol to strengthen the squad.
We set up the Warfare Miniatures stand and the GNW demo game simultaneously and were ready in plenty of time for the doors opening at 1000.

VIEW from the Allied lines
The show seemed a little quiet for the first hour or so but soon we were getting a continuous stream of visitors right through till about 1630 when things began to wind down.

NARKE VARMLANDS attack uphill towards the camp
Our game although modest in size was visually interesting combining what I consider to be several 'wargaming winners' - Water, height, forts and a church.

nice overhead view of the table
The Swedes were coming ashore from a river expedition in order to climb up a slope and storm a combined Russian and Saxon position covering a large and important church.

Impossible charge
Toggy and I played only a little bit in order to demonstrate some BLB rule mechanisms and spent most of our time talking about the rules, the GNW or the figures.

We both did some brief rounds of the show and Toggy bought some stuff. I spent nothing all day!

As always it was wonderful to meet many friends from all over Europe and potentially make some plans for a return visit to mainland Europe early next year.

Wae hope the photos convey some of the feel of the game. I will blog a little about other things we saw and liked at CRISIS later.


  1. I hope the russians and swedes sold like hot cakes!

  2. I saw some of the highlight pics in Wargames Illustrated's Facebook feed, and went "wait, I recognize those figures!"

    Huzzah for your distinctive style!

  3. This was an awesomely good display and great to meet you ��

  4. Sounds like you all had a great day, the game certainly looks the part!

  5. Ray, the big mystery is this... Bob says he spoke with you and Postie on Thursday or Friday afternoon in a bar in Groenplaats so, where the heck were you on the day of the show?????

  6. and very nice to meet you too Steve. Your game was excellent and I will blog about it later this week

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Really beautiful looking and finely crafted looking game!

    The Church is amazing.... I'm guessing that it might scratch built?


  9. yup Darrell, scratch built over 20 years ago but repainted about 10 years ago

    1. Wow! It looks as though it was just made recently.

      Have you any close ups of the building that are accessible Barry?


  10. nothing right now but can do. By the way Ray, stand down ..Toggy's brain has'll be pleased to know it wasn't you but someone else! :)


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