Thursday, November 26, 2015

GNW Musketeers in detail: codes R01, R02, R03

These three codes offer various combinations of musketeers for your Russian battalions. Each code has five variants of body position and head.

They can be mixed to give a realistic effect or alternatively the combinations can be limited to produce a must more regimented look.

Code R01 is a pack of 'shooters'. Each pose is different but combined they produce a stunning firing line.

Code R02 has five interesting variations on 'loading' drill and non drill positions. mixing them together with R01 produces a wonderfully realistic battalion engaging the enemy.

Code R03 has the musketeers standing with a grounded musket. The head variants here could be combined with the firing line or alternatively used to create a battalion standing ready in the battle line.


  1. I'm always torn when making firing units, i kinda want all leveled muskets like they are about to deliver a volley. But that might be boring, and unlike later periods, during thus time they have the rank /platoon styles.

    One way to simulate rank fire is to have the first rank level musket abd second have the musket at port. But only one rusdian has that pose.

  2. Love the different poses and the details...fabulous!


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