Thursday, November 12, 2015

GNW Russian Command pack in detail

R05 Russian Command
This has turned out to be the most picture rich post in the entire history of the blog. I make no apologies for that!

I will let the sculpting speak for itself with this pack. Clibinarium has really caught the spirit on the emerging superpower with these officers.
Colonel's colour Preobrajenskoi Guards

They look haughty, proud and defiant in the face of the aggressors from the west.
The Colonel

It is clear that any of the three senior officers could be given a pole arm as colonel of a regiment. This first iteration is pretty pleasing though.
The sergeant

Russian sashes are striking and basically an extended scarf type version of the national flag. In contrast to the rather plainly dressed Swedish officers I chose to festoon the Russians in lace and finery. This works very well.
The Drummer

I have been asked a lot about the dark green colour which I have used with the Russians. It is a combination beginning with Workshop Dark Angels Green mixed with a little black.
Battalion Colour

This is followed by Dark Angels Green mixed with a little Vallejo Flat Green. The highlight is mostly Flat Green with some Dark Angels Green mixed in.

At no point was white or yellow introduced. This was a totally 'green' operation!

The drummer has extra lace painted on the coat which is very easy to do. The wings are of course part of the sculpt.

I chose to flag these models with the standards of the Preobrajenskoi Guard Regiment. Some sources state their waistcoats, breeches and socks were also in green.

I  will probably re do the unit with this combination but leave the command stand as is.

I  have deployed my half hex command stand principle on these GNW units and think that was the right choice.

More detailed work shots coming up for the rest of the Russian sculpts soon.


  1. Pretty good painting job there Barry. Best Russian I know so far.
    Clib did a very good sculpting job too!

  2. I just received my Russian castings the other day and they look terrific. I'm looking forward to painting them. Those officers are Clibs best work yet.

  3. Great looking russians, except an order in the near future!
    PS how big are those bases? 50x50 or 60x60?

  4. Dannie, your are coming - dispatch Saturday. I just got back from Antwerp via Billund last night. Truls. the bases are 60 x 60mm 3mm thick to stop warping.
    Gunter, Russians will be marching to Vienna soon! and thanks for the kind words

  5. Beautiful stuff!

    Now sculpt some Central Asians and march on Khiva!


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