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Target 2016 - LoA / Warfare / Quindia projects and products coming soon

Charging Swedish Life Guards from Warfare Miniatures
Who knows what this year will actually bring but like everyone else, we're making plans! So having done the retrospective a few days ago let's look to the future now (in the words of Noddy Holder)....

Starting with the planned shows. The League of Augsburg calendar looks as follows:

Prestonpans 20th February.  The game is Killiecrankie 1689
Tactica, Hamburg 26th-27th February. The game will be a GNW effort
Carronade Falkirk. TBC and game tbc
Partizan 1, Newark. 22nd May. TBC and game TBC
Claymore, Edinburgh. TBC and game TBC
Historicon 15th-17th July. The game is Penny Burn Mill, Derry 1689
Crisis, Antwerp 5th November. Game TBC

Gunter Heim's impressive Saxons in action at Fraustadt
With regard to our weekender activities we have one for sure in Derby in October with the game to be confirmed. We are exploring two venues in Scotland right now for both one and two day games. One is in Irvine the other is in Lundin Links near Kirkcaldy. More news on that as soon as we have it.

LoA Weekender table sans troops - Fraustadt GNW

Warfare Miniatures will indeed have a busy year in 2016 with the following releases on the stocks so far:

Swedish squadron in characteristic wedge formation


Russian musketeers firing in pokalem
Russian musketeers loading in pokalem
Russian pikemen standing in pokalem
Russian musketeers marching in tricorne
Russian musketeers marching in pokalem
Russian pikemen marching in tricorne
Russian pikemen marching in pokalem
Russian musketeers defending in pokalem
Russian musketeers defending in tricorne
Russian pikemen defending in pokalem
Russian infantry defending in tricorne
Russian Command marching
Russian Command defending
Russian grenadiers
Russian artillerymen
Warfare Swedish officer from packs S11 and S21
Russian Horse Grenadiers
Russian Mounted Dragoons
Russian Mounted Dragoons Command

Swedish Grenadiers
Swedish artillerymen

Swedish Cavalry various poses
Swedish Cavalry Command

Personalities for both armies

Depending on how sales and funding progress there is every possibility that the range will creep into other nationalities including Danes and possibly even Poles or something further South and East. Let's wait and see.
Danish Foot Guards in action in Flanders 1693


Mounted French Dragoons
Mounted French Dragoons Command
French Dragoon horse holders
Mounted Allied Dragoons in hat
Mounted Allied Dragoons in cap
Mounted Dragoon Command
Dragoon horse holders both cap and hat

WLOA151 French Dragoon officer
WLOA151 French Dragoon officer

French Horse
French Horse Command

Artillery crews in various poses
French infantry in various poses
French infantry command

Militia / raw recruits - various poses
Gunners, Sappers and Labourers in various poses
WLOA151 French Dragoon Drummer


Cavalry with various weapons and equipment

Wordtwister Publishing has a few titles backed up and ready to get formatted. These include

Action from one of our several refights of Aughrim 1691

Three volumes relating to the campaigns in Ireland 1688-1691.
A new set of Pike and Shot rules aimed between BLB and Donnybrook.
An ACW rule set based on Republic to Empire.
A mid 19th Century rule set originally titled FOUR EMPIRES but undergoing some mods to incorporate a slightly broader spectrum into the 1860s.

One of my favourite units - Crimean Russians

British rifleman Sevastopol 1855

With Clarence very much engaged in LoA projects I can also safely say it is likely that Quindia will expand on our already extensive range of flags too.

Warfare & Quindia

Warfare and Quindia

I am certain I have missed something from this list but it gives some idea of the scope of our projects planned for 2016. Alas, I have no plans to run a battlefield tour in 2016 but you never know...

There is some talk of a trip to the Emerald Isle..........

Happy 2016 to all of the blog's followers!


  1. Quite a lot of interesting Stuff seems to be in the Line for 2016!
    Happy New Year to the Staff of the Blog!

  2. Sounds like a very busy year ahead!! Are you not putting a game on at Salute??

  3. Wowzers! I need to get my brushes warmed up to get ahead of all the GNW releases in the pipeline. It looks like 2016 will be a Karoliner year. Happy New Year Barry.


  4. 2015 wasn't great for me.. I hope to be much more prolific this year - the first Ireland book is shaping up and there are loads of posts on the Historicon project on the way as I am starting the terrain build this weekend!

    Looking forward to 2016...

  5. Yeah, that was the other bit (the best) news I have had all year... my partner is back! :) I was keeping it low key but since he has outed himself- yup CH is now in command of the Ireland book... I am soooo happy about that!

  6. Best wishes to you all chaps! Looking forward to ECW cavalry - I'll be casting my 'in period' eye over those to see if they are up to scratch! ;-). Drooling in anticipation over the 'bigger than Donnybrook, smaller than UtLB' Rules as well! Are they based on VWQ, or something different? Whatever gappens, I wish you all the best for 2016, and see you at Partizan!

    Best wishes

    1. You can see them in action here...

      They have elements of both BLB and Donnybrook plus some new mechanics to model battalions and squadrons in more detail..

  7. Lots of succes in what seems to become a very busy 2016!

    For my own, I hope to be able to paint a lot more then I did in 2015. And play a few more games, since 2015 was an "Annus Horribilis" for me.

  8. Salivating! Feliz nuevo ano!/Happy new year! 😎👍

  9. Let's go into 2016 heads and tails up! It'll be a good year!!

  10. Exciting times ahead!

    In terms of flags, any plans for flags for Monmouth's rebel forces?

    Edward (Captain of Dragoons)

  11. Wow! I'm already tired just reading that list! 😀 If "south and east" means Ottomans that will fit in with my 2016 project very nicely indeed...


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