Thursday, December 31, 2015

Target 2016 - LoA / Warfare / Quindia projects and products coming soon

Charging Swedish Life Guards from Warfare Miniatures
Who knows what this year will actually bring but like everyone else, we're making plans! So having done the retrospective a few days ago let's look to the future now (in the words of Noddy Holder)....

Starting with the planned shows. The League of Augsburg calendar looks as follows:

Prestonpans 20th February.  The game is Killiecrankie 1689
Tactica, Hamburg 26th-27th February. The game will be a GNW effort
Carronade Falkirk. TBC and game tbc
Partizan 1, Newark. 22nd May. TBC and game TBC
Claymore, Edinburgh. TBC and game TBC
Historicon 15th-17th July. The game is Penny Burn Mill, Derry 1689
Crisis, Antwerp 5th November. Game TBC

Gunter Heim's impressive Saxons in action at Fraustadt
With regard to our weekender activities we have one for sure in Derby in October with the game to be confirmed. We are exploring two venues in Scotland right now for both one and two day games. One is in Irvine the other is in Lundin Links near Kirkcaldy. More news on that as soon as we have it.

LoA Weekender table sans troops - Fraustadt GNW

Warfare Miniatures will indeed have a busy year in 2016 with the following releases on the stocks so far:

Swedish squadron in characteristic wedge formation


Russian musketeers firing in pokalem
Russian musketeers loading in pokalem
Russian pikemen standing in pokalem
Russian musketeers marching in tricorne
Russian musketeers marching in pokalem
Russian pikemen marching in tricorne
Russian pikemen marching in pokalem
Russian musketeers defending in pokalem
Russian musketeers defending in tricorne
Russian pikemen defending in pokalem
Russian infantry defending in tricorne
Russian Command marching
Russian Command defending
Russian grenadiers
Russian artillerymen
Warfare Swedish officer from packs S11 and S21
Russian Horse Grenadiers
Russian Mounted Dragoons
Russian Mounted Dragoons Command

Swedish Grenadiers
Swedish artillerymen

Swedish Cavalry various poses
Swedish Cavalry Command

Personalities for both armies

Depending on how sales and funding progress there is every possibility that the range will creep into other nationalities including Danes and possibly even Poles or something further South and East. Let's wait and see.
Danish Foot Guards in action in Flanders 1693


Mounted French Dragoons
Mounted French Dragoons Command
French Dragoon horse holders
Mounted Allied Dragoons in hat
Mounted Allied Dragoons in cap
Mounted Dragoon Command
Dragoon horse holders both cap and hat

WLOA151 French Dragoon officer
WLOA151 French Dragoon officer

French Horse
French Horse Command

Artillery crews in various poses
French infantry in various poses
French infantry command

Militia / raw recruits - various poses
Gunners, Sappers and Labourers in various poses
WLOA151 French Dragoon Drummer


Cavalry with various weapons and equipment

Wordtwister Publishing has a few titles backed up and ready to get formatted. These include

Action from one of our several refights of Aughrim 1691

Three volumes relating to the campaigns in Ireland 1688-1691.
A new set of Pike and Shot rules aimed between BLB and Donnybrook.
An ACW rule set based on Republic to Empire.
A mid 19th Century rule set originally titled FOUR EMPIRES but undergoing some mods to incorporate a slightly broader spectrum into the 1860s.

One of my favourite units - Crimean Russians

British rifleman Sevastopol 1855

With Clarence very much engaged in LoA projects I can also safely say it is likely that Quindia will expand on our already extensive range of flags too.

Warfare & Quindia

Warfare and Quindia

I am certain I have missed something from this list but it gives some idea of the scope of our projects planned for 2016. Alas, I have no plans to run a battlefield tour in 2016 but you never know...

There is some talk of a trip to the Emerald Isle..........

Happy 2016 to all of the blog's followers!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hits and Misses 2015

He's at it again.....
Setting aside the exceptional personal circumstances which impacted on my output during 2015 the balance sheet is still in the black. Here are my Sunday morning, spontaneous reflections on  the hobby in 2015 from the League of Augsburg perspective;
Warfare Swedes

The GNW project, co funded by a dedicated band of enthusiasts and captained by your truly got off to a very good start. We managed to release 25 sets each of 5 unique miniatures representing Swedish and Russian infantry. The sculpting produced by Clibinarium was his best to date and the unit combinations possible are magnificent.
Warfare Russians

All this was achieved against the backdrop of tragedy and chaos at Griffin Moulds which created a horrendous backlog and long lead times. The initial production runs were over 14 weeks late and so a lot has been managed in the time we had. The range has made a strong start and the models have appeared in conventions in the US, UK, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark so far.
WLOA151 French Dismounted Dragoon Command

In addition, Warfare Miniatures finally released French Dismounted Dragoons (Command) and more Highlanders. In terms of sales Warfare had a strong year which has encouraged me to keep expanding and not simply to stay put and market what I have.

H007 Highlanders Attacking

In spite of all the was going on Clarence/Quindia Studios managed to produce some excellent new flags for the Grand Alliance Period, Monmouth Rebellion and Thirty Years War. All have sold well.

New English flags including the Royal Fuzileers

In the great year of Waterloo 200 my commitment to the Napoleonic period was significant. I donned my walking boots and yomped around Belgium for a week at the head of the Geek Nations Battlefield tour which culminated in two days of re enactment on the famous field.

Who ARE these guys???

The mission was preceded by a recce Toggy, Gerry and I enjoyed a fine time in Belgium not only at Waterloo but at various other locations including Ypres, Oudenaarde, Quatre Bras and Gent. As always Belgium did us proud in weather, food, beer and friendliness making it my favourite mainland European country bar none.

Having practised, Gerry does it for real

On the wargaming front we worked towards our Waterloo 200 refight at Derby in October. This was a long time in the planning and proved to be the most spectacular wargame any of us had taken part in. Tog and Gerry (bring out an ice cream brand shortly) invested £0000.00s in figures, Ade built some wonderful scenery and I cut down a couple of rain forests in order to do the paperwork. The result speaks for itself. A tune up game of Quatre Bras created a fun day in Irvine during the late summer and several familiar faces attended.

Bob and Gerry corner the SE Asian painting market

We even learned from all of the previous refights trailed on TMP and managed to get a completed result. 7,000 figures, 18 hours of gaming about 25 turns and a clear if not emphatic French victory. Congratulations to Paul Patrick Bonaparte and his team of Marshals and Generals.

I built quite a few of these during the year
On the show front LoA managed York, Falkirk, Claymore and Crisis. The least number we've demoed at for many a year. Partizan was missed through lack of boots on the ground, Targe I have finally hung up my gloves on after 23 years and Salute is just not possible to get a table at.

During the summer I visited Killiecrankie and met lots of interesting people including the O'Brogain's which was a bit of a treat!

Gaming at home there has been precious little of. We did get Bob's Austrians out a couple of times I seem to remember and we may have played some games with the new 'variable unit size' Pike and Shot rules yet to be published but that was way back in Q1.
I did something on this in WI

On the magazine front I pitched in with several pieces for WI as per usual. I cannot recall what to be honest but there were some column pieces, a Waterloo article and various bits and bobs. Most of it was written on planes, in airports or hotels. Never mind, that kept me out of casinos, lap dancing bars and massage parlours thus protecting my wallet, reputation and sexual health all at the same time!

The blog was at its busiest during the Waterloo dispatches phase when we were regularly getting over 1,000 visits per day which was nice.
A Geek of the Nation when he wasn't blogging
Oh, nearly forgot.. I was very proud and happy to be informed that I was awarded the HMGS Legion of Honor in 2015. Unfortunately I was not able to collect it in person but will remedy that in 2016. Thank you HMGS and those who nominated and approved the award. I feel very privileged.

I almost finished Derry's Walls but didn't quite get there... but I did built lots of boats, rafts and other nautical nonsense..

 Peeking INSIDE Derry
From an article shortly to be published in WI
As an unfamiliar watery orange globe sheds its feeble light into my office this Sunday morning I can expend a few words on what didn't happen as planned this year.. 
From the delayed but coming soon Ireland Book Vol 1
I did promise it in the summer but it did not appear. The Ireland Campaign book, long awaited, much talked about, never spotted. There are good reasons and the story is unfinished but, I failed to deliver.
Another sneaky peek in the Ireland book Vol 1
The book is written and done. It now runs to 3 volumes. It will have a total page count across all parts of 600+. What stopped it? The sheer amount of work involved. Getting second and third opinions on research points of controversy. The huge amount of photography, not having my partner in crime at my side during the production, trying to work with a new agency, life and day job work. Leaving the upside of this dark tale for my next post we'll draw a veil over it here for now.

Not enough game with the lads. A public apology to Dave, Toggy and Gerry in particular. We did a lot but not enough of this.

OK, so I thought I would be typing more negative stuff at the end but really, the Ireland  book was my one big miss and I will put that right in 2016.
A rare game - Skane War - during 2015

Overall, 2015 was a good hobby year. Lots done, lots of new friends, some great times with the old, some broken connections re established, some decisions to move on made.

Time for tea and Rice Crispies.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lieutenant General Richard Hamilton

Clarence Harrison - I took a break from painting rank and file to complete an officer that's been half finished on my desk for weeks.

This will be Lieutenant General Richard Hamilton for my Jacobite Boyne army, but will also serve as a brigade commander (not sure which one yet) for our Historicon project, the Battle of Penny Burn Mill.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Scottish Battlefields Trust 2016 Wargaming event

Warwick Louth a trustee of the SBT explains the thinking behind a new wargaming event to be held at the famous location of Prestonpans near Edinburgh......

Churchill once said “Battles are the punctuation marks of history”. Naturally, as wargamers, our interest gravitates towards military history, with miniature battlefields accurately researched down to the smallest detail to attempt to replicate how a contemporary battle site would have looked. However, what if we were unable to replicate or understand historic landscapes due to continued urban sprawl and modern development?

Dundee's Troop

Certainly wargaming pioneers, the likes of Chandler, Featherstone and Young understood the huge worth exploring fields of battle had, all of them serving soldiers able to see the tactical worth and nature of battlefield. By being able to explore such a rich resource, we as the wargamer/historian/archaeologist/interested party are able to break away from the secondary sources and come to our own conclusions on the nature of the battlefield, visit parts not often covered in popular histories and possibly discover a feature or set of built remains that reinterpret your view of the battle landscape. Popular culture focuses all too easily upon the major battles of Bannockburn, Killiecrankie and Culloden without tapping the untold resources of often forgotten other battlefields.

Soldiers of Killiecrankie
Increasingly this has come under threat in Scotland through extending roadworks, spread of urban sprawl and new power systems to sites such as Bannockburn, Culloden, Killiecrankie and Prestonpans. While an Inventory of Historic Battlefields was created in the wake of similar irreparable damages at Newbury and Naseby, these provide no legal protection against further development, alteration or indeed metal detecting, not only damaging past, present and future perception of the battlefield, but also altering any ephemeral archaeological remains that might shed new light on the conflict. Equally The Battlefields Trust, although meant to be a national body, has little representation in Scotland.

Scots and English regiments

Initiated at the Biennial National Battlefields Symposium  2014, the Scottish Battlefields Trust acts as a sister body to the Battlefields Trust, extending the remit of this charity north of the border. Its’ aims are twofold; firstly the promotion of Scottish battlefields and their heritage, this being achieved by a series of educational programmes, battlefield walking trails, living history events, talks and associated research bringing to the forefront Scottish heritage. Secondly it is a body created to lobby against and provide a voice against the further change and ultimate protection of these fields of conflict-they are not just a blank field, but a site where histories heroes stood, fought and died, often acting as mass grave sites that should be respected and venerated, an issue currently being tackled on a number of sites mentioned above.

1689 Hugh Mackay's Regiment by Barry Hilton
Obviously the study of battlefields and historical wargaming are two hobbies and areas of research that go hand in hand. Therefore the Scottish Battlefields Trust would like to kindly invite you to its inaugural wargames show to be held at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, 227 High Street, Prestonpans, East Lothian  EH32 9BE on Saturday February 20 2016 from 11am-4pm.

Dotted just a stone’s throw away from the initial Jacobite victory of the 1745 Rising, the theme for the event will be a small series of both participation and demonstration games acting as a timeline through Scotland’s military history, from the Romans to the Jacobite Rebellions. Painting competitions will be run on the day, with a number of select prizes. Supported by a select number of traders, reenactors and historical stands, it should prove an informative day for the whole family. Food and drink is available from the restaurant downstairs. Only half an hour away from Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, we hope this is an event that will grow and complement a gap in the Scottish gaming catalog
King James IV by Barry Hilton


£2 entry, under 15’s free

For further information regarding the event, the Scottish Battlefield’s Trust and its work, please follow the links below

All pictures copyright Barry Hilton 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment of Foot WIP

Clarence Harrison - I started a regiment for Beneath the Lily Banners for our Historicon 2016 game: Sir Maurice Eustace's regiment of foot from the army of King James II.

For the Battle of Penny Burn Mill, the regiment will be 18 models plus a pike stand.

Of course, the unit is NOT in my plan for the Battle of the Boyne, but I always planned to collect beyond the handful of battalions I needed for that anyway. Eustace's regiment was present at most of the other major battles including Aughrim. Besides, red coats with yellow cuffs is a very common uniform and could also be used for many others with a flag swap...

Irish - O'Brien/Clare and Galmoy
Dutch - Fagel and Friesen
English - Trelawney, Beaumont, Churchill, Hasting, Douglas, and Erle

Not to mention one of the dozen's of regiments we know nothing about!

I'm nearly done with the second stand and hope to have them up in a few days...

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Something completely different... Highlanders from Warfare Miniatures

Standard bearer or wealthy clansman

It's all my fault. For that I apologize. To not have hurried up and painted these lovely sculpts and share them is in of itself a serious misdemeanour.

Clan warrior

I commissioned these models from the talented Steve Shaw many moons ago. Steve works at his own pace and so the figures have trickled to me in batches over a protracted period. This perhaps contributed to the under the radar arrival of the set.


We now have a considerable number of Highlanders and Scots designed for use in the period 1675-1698. They do however have application in the English Civil War and 18th century Jacobite conflicts in 1715,1719 and 1745.

Clan chief or officer

There are 7 codes in the range which means in total 34 different sculpts including a mounted version of Bonnie Dundee.

Clan warrior

I will feature each code in detail and based for gaming as time goes by. I also intend to offer three different CLAN REGIMENTAL PACKS mixing the models in appropriate combinations.

PACK H06 Clansmen attacking
Steve's style makes them very easy to paint and the detail is crisp and well defined. In my painting tests here you will see I have avoided any searing reds and opted for lots of muted tones and simple chequered patterns on the plaids.
PACK H05 Clansmen ready - open handed
PACK H07 Highland Command with Dundee
PACK H03 Clansmen with matchlocks
PACK H02 Militia/Clansmen in mixed dress
PACK H04 Clansmen ready with mixed weapons
I have committed to participating in an event at Prestonpans (near Edinburgh) to support Scotland's Battlefield Heritage Trust. I will be using these models together with other Warfare Miniatures in recreation of the Battle of Killiecrankie 1689.

Fearsome clansman at Killiecrankie 2015 commemoration

My long running interest in this battle was further stimulated by attending the Soldiers of Killiecrankie living history event this year at the battlefield.
Clansmen at Killiecrankie

More on the Highlanders soon but enjoy these pix for now.

The battle I exhibited at Perth Museum a few years back

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