Friday, January 15, 2016

A funny thing happened on the way to The Boyne... Pike & Shot game from Slitherine

Ah! The Boyne.. new, this will be fun

After a traumatic evening digging out my friend's car from snow and ice and preventing it sliding down a hill in a 'run of chaos'  I decided to recover by spending a mindless hour playing Pike & Shot which I very much enjoy particularly since they added the 'Campaign' package featuring our period.
Uniform colours and accurate flags.. even better!

I always check for updated scenarios and bingo! Tonight's new scenario was The Boyne. Good news which got even better when I clicked the start button and noticed that rather than the generic troop blocks and universal flags for each unit this scenario seemed to have colour specific uniforms, unit names and not generic 'Foot and Horse' titles but also - individual unit flags relevant to the units in question.
Wait a mo.. didn't Clarence design that Clanrickarde flag?

Closer inspection triggered more subliminal recognition. Those flags look quite like our Quindia/Warfare flags. In fact those flags look very like them. Must be a coincidence as at the present I was only seeing the visible Jacobite units.

Ay up! That's my Blue Guard flag design!

On march the Blue Guard from King William's Glen and I am shouting at the computer.. Those ARE our flags! How has that happened?

As each new unit appeared from the Williamite Army I didn't need to check who they were because I recognized them from the Quindia/Warfare flags.
Conclusive proof? perhaps not yet - The Jacobite Horse

I played the game (won it too!) Enjoyed the scenario and immediately contacted our Virginia office (not Langley) to report in. Much head scratching. Not me Guv says the other half of the duo.

I think so... our speculative Huguenot flags

Investigations were set in train on the Slitherine Forum. Paul was the game designer. It was an additional 'not for profit' scenario and to cut a long story short, he forgot to credit us on the Boards.

Reminiscent of the Osprey map.. lovely though

No harm done really. He is rectifying that. The good news is, he is working on Killiecrankie and more excitingly, Aughrim.
action in full swing

The scenario is actually very enjoyable and as King James you must avoid defeat for 26 turns which counts as a victory.
King William and his cavalry

Yup! its official - the Derry Foot flags

Paul has done a very good job on a balanced scenario. Exciting, tough, very close and it is possible to win. Come on Clarence, have another go. I may never play again and keep my perfect record.

I look forward to Bloody Aughrim. Maybe Gerry and Bob might win this time :)


  1. The real give away were the Huguenot flags...

  2. Yes, I enjoyed the game too, but I am not the master tactician that General Hilton is (I also hadn't played the game in maybe a year and spent several wasted turns getting to grips with the interface). The scenario is well designed. As far as turn 10 or 12, I'm thinking, "I've got this". I had mauled the Dutch Blue Guard at Oldbridge and thrown back the initial assault of the Huguenots across Grove Island. Around turn 20, the sheer number of Williamites pressing the banks of the river begins to seem daunting. My horse continued to be successful, but pursuit of broken enemy units made a mess of my lines. I lost the game with only a turn and a half to go. I felt much like King James II when a rider delivered the news that "The enemy has forced the river, the right wing is defeated."

    I will give it another go soon...

  3. This looks like a great way to spend an evening!


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