Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cards for Donnybrook

Clarence Harrison - Ok, people have asked for Donnybrook cards for some time and I have been remiss in following through on promises to produce them. One reason has been that the card deck is really specific to your collection and it always seemed easier to simply use index cards or something similar if you're best option was to write them by hand. But again people have asked so here are some cards you can print out for you games...

The first sheet is exactly enough cards for a 4-point force - a leader, four special characters, and four unit cards. The second sheet gives you the Reload, Turn Over, and Event cards, plus three more character and unit cards. The final page is for the backs should you desire. They are sized to fit into the standard sleeves for collectible card games like Magic, etc. which probably makes them a tad wide for UK A4. You should be able to choose the 'Fit to Page' and 'Center' option on any printer, manual load the pages and repeat the process for the backs and they will still line up perfectly. If you really want to go to town with these, print them on the heaviest card stock your printer will feed through and then laminate the pages BEFORE cutting out the cards (but AFTER filling them in with your units) instead of sticking them into sleeves.

Here is a sample card filled in...

These are based on the cards I made for my games...

I didn't post the fancy backs above because a full page of these eats printer ink, but I can add them if anyone really wants them. After cutting and laminating I used a specialty cutter I picked up from a craft store in the scrapbook section to round the corners and give them that professional finished card look.

Anyway, I hope you find these helpful. Let me know if I missed the boat and need to go back to the drawing board...


  1. Very posh...I shall print mine off at work!Thanks!

  2. these will go down well I expect! A round corner cutter eh? that is fancy!

  3. I shall try to print these out as well! Thanks for the work!!

  4. My attempt to print has failed miserably. I did mention I was a computer idiot, right?

  5. Make sure to open each image rather than saving the small previews above - they are low-res links and will look terrible! Right click each image and choose "Open in new tab". Then navigate to that tab and save that image to get the full size hi-res graphic.


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